Skylight covers and shades – how to protect your skylights?

by Kremy

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What are skylight covers and shades and why do we need them? Just imagine you made an investment and transformed your unused attic into a beautiful room, bedroom or kid’s bedroom. A lovely skylight makes the room bright and cheerful, but a bit too bright. Now you realize that you are in need of a cover or a shade to reduce the amount of light or heat.

How to choose skylight covers and shades?

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Skylights come in many designs and various shapes – dome skylights, rectangular, pyramid and there are homes that have more than one skylight. Having those is a fantastic and efficient solution to allow natural light but may become a problem during warmer periods of the year as the light and heat coming into the room may be inconvenient and the room will be unusable. There are a few ways to solve this problem. Of course, removing your skylights is out of question, so you need to choose effective skylight covers and shades which will reduce the heat and glare. The two major types of can be divided as outdoor covers or indoor shades.

Control light and heat with skylight covers and shades

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There are companies that offer outdoor skylight covers which will help you to solve the problem with excessive light and heat. Such covers are installed outside on your roof and the process is quite easy. If you prefer to choose indoor shades for your skylights, the options are quite many and you do not have to block the light and make the house a cave. You can use a panel of fabric and two poles up and down the window. This is an excellent DIY project and you can complete it in a couple of hours. You can choose a simple roller blind which will give you flexibility as you can block and unblock the light flow as per your momentary needs. The market offers different types of skylight covers and shades so you will definitely find the ones suitable for your home.

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