Small apartment design – practical ideas from IKEA

by Kremy

small apartment design Ikea

Small apartment design is not an easy thing, often, it is more of a challenge. But if you have no more ideas, you would be delighted by the practical tips from Ikea. As always, the Swedish company surprises with creativity and fresh ideas.

Wardrobe Ikea practical space saving furniture


Mainly in the densely populated cities, people live in smaller apartments. The practicality of a small apartment design depends on the functional arrangement of the furniture. One should strive to optimize the free space. The Ikea furniture pieces for a small apartment are ideal for any living space. In addition, they are not only functional but also elegant and beautiful. A practical wardrobe for a small bedroom, small laundry room in a bathroom or the multi-functional small kitchen in classic country style are only a particle of the rich source of ideas from Ikea.

space saving bedroom ideas small apartment design

However, the small apartment design is more demanding than arranging a larger one. The right furniture arrangement can significantly improve the quality of life. Assuming that you want to reorganize your apartment, you may benefit from the suggestions of Ikea. Do not forget that the furniture should not only be practical. Convenience is of great importance. To use the maximum free space, do not forget the vertical interior design.

Storage idea Ikea small apartment design

The presented room design ideas from Ikea would be a good advice for you. The corner cabinets and shelves are more appropriate for a small apartment. You could use bookshelves or curtains instead of doors to visually separate the private areas. Move the sofas and armchairs to the center of the living room.

Living room design small apartment

Storage space is always necessary because the free space is not enough. Ikea offers multifunctional furniture in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, even the bathroom and always thinks of the storage space. Under a bunk bed, for example, you could still find storage space for your belongings. Problems in the small residential areas are no longer an issue for the designers of Ikea.

small bathroom design idea

Country style kitchen Ikea

Kitchen Island Ikea small kitchen

space saving furniture Ikea

bunk bed design Ikea









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