Summer 2022 Women’s Fashion: Trendy Shoes to Wear With a Mini Dress

by Kremy

A must-have in the wardrobe of fashionable girls, the mini dress can be worn everywhere and is offered in a wide range of models, colors and patterns. This modern piece has become a very chic way to face the hot weather and it is now worn everywhere, including at work. Want to put on the famous mini dress? To avoid missteps and stay on top of summer 2022 women’s fashion, our editors present the 5 pairs of trendy shoes to wear with a mini dress the season!

What Are the 2022 Trendy Shoes to Wear With a Mini Dress This Summer?

how to wear a mini dress trendy shoes 2022 fashion summer women

Tight, airy, asymmetrical or straight mini dress… this season’s key piece comes in several models to meet the preferences of all girls. But how do you wear a mini dress and create the chic look of summer 2022 fashion trend? Here are 5 pairs of women’s shoes to wear during the hot season.

Women’s Fashion 2022: We Recommend String Sandals



We go into summer mode and put on string sandals to treat ourselves to a bohemian chic style outfit that is making a comeback this season. These trendy shoes can be worn with a daily mini dress as well as with a more formal one. Here is the proof above where Chiara Ferragni combined her string sandals with a stylish short dress for a formal occasion.

The Very Feminine Heeled Sandals Go Perfectly with a Mini Summer Dress

how to wear a mini dress summer 2022 womens shoes with heels

When it comes to wearing a mini dress, heeled sandals are probably the best choice. Ultra feminine and stylish, these summer 2022 trendy shoes are available in several models and colors to better pamper the style of each woman. Our favorite? Unsurprisingly, these are the minimalist square-heeled sandals. By the way, models laced around the ankle are also a good option.

Why Wear a Mini Dress With Flip Flops This Season?

shoes for summer mini dress Naomi Campbell fashion trend 2022 women

Do you know that wearing flip flops this summer is a symbol of elegance? Although these shoes, usually reserved for the beach, have had a bad reputation, in recent years, they are returning with full force to the urban catwalks in 2022. So forget all your prejudices about these shoes that epitomize the warm season in this 2022 women’s fashion trend! What’s more, we even noticed the flip flops during Fashion Week. Whether they appear in a minimalist version or with a more sophisticated touch, flip-flops promise to become THE summer shoe trend. Even Naomi Campbell succumbed to it.

Mules Are the Trendy Shoes This Summer

fashion trend summer 2022 women shoes mini dress how to wear mules


Comfortable to wear, easy to pair with any style and outfit, mules are the must-have shoes for summer 2022 that don’t require much to twist up a look. All you have to do is put them on and you’re done! To complete your summer mini dress, opt for rather minimalist models and neutral colors. Thus, you can wear your mules with any model of summer dresses. Finally, accessorize your outfit with a trendy basket bag and that’s it!

Trendy Women’s Sneakers 2022 to Wear With a Short Dress This Summer

2022 women fashion trend summer what shoes to wear with a mini dress

Although the hot season pushes us to put on our most beautiful summer sandals, it is not excluded to wear a dress with sneakers this summer! Sneakers will be your best ally when opponents are coming or when you’ve missed your pedicure appointment. The dress and sneakers look is ideal for combining comfort and chic!

womens fashion 2022 summer trendy sneakers

Did you go for white sneakers to accessorize your mini dress and stay on top of the summer 2022 fashion trend? It’s a great choice, but be aware that good care is essential and that you should wash your white sneakers regularly to keep them looking pristine. To do this, several ingredients come to your rescue and you already have them in your kitchen.

The Key Accessory to Crown Your Style This Summer 2022

fashion trend 2022 women shoes ankle bracelet

Yes, it is also possible to accessorize your trendy summer 2022 shoes or rather… your ankle. These include the ankle bracelet that will bring that little je-ne-sais-quoi to your style. It’s the must-have minimalist accessory that perfectly embodies the warm season!




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