Teenage girls room design – cool and fancy ideas

by Kremy

teenage room design girls bedroom ideas white pink

A teenage girls room has styles and themes that could speak for a little girl. Some teenage girls still like a pink or purple bedroom with large four-poster bed and plush toys. Polka dots have a modern, yet cute aspect that some young people find appealing. Use decorative accents that correspond to the idea of your girl for “cool”.

 Hearts and floral themes in the design of teenage girls room

 Teenage girls room ideas photo wall hearts ceiling


Hearts and flowers patterns are ideal for teenage girls room. These two icons inspire many young people. Combine hearts and flowers or focus on the hearts. If your daughter prefers flowers, buy daisies in pink, purple and other vibrant colors. Select a main accent wall for the flowers, and use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers on the entire wall. If she likes the hearts more, add accents such as heart-shaped pillow.

 Teenage girls room with butterflies

teenage room design girl butterflies wall decoration ideas

For a teen girl who loves to draw butterflies on her notebook, you might want a cool room with butterflies that stay with her ​​during high school. You can use monochrome paint in yellow, blue or pink for the walls, and paint a trim or add color accents in random places throughout the teenage girls room. They may be made in different directions, depending on their style.

 Polka Dots

Teenage room girls ideas polka dots

Create a nice room with colorful patterns. Start with the favorite colors of the teen girl. Contrasting colors are suitable for polka dot wall decoration. Paint colorful dots on the walls in various sizes and colors. Use a neutral color for the blanket and add polka dot matching cushions. Add polka dot curtains and carpets. For a unique look, use black and white backgrounds. For example, combine a black comforter with purple dots decorated with white pillow with violet spots.

Fresh Nature spirit

Teenage girls room ideas floral pattern pastel colors


Create an outdoor scene in the teen room for a nice fresh look. Green carpet represents grass and flower patterned carpets imitate a garden. Draw trees, flowers and other outdoor landscapes on the walls. Buy garden benches or wooden garden furniture. Use linen with floral patterns, curtains or pillows. Paint the ceiling blue as the sky, with a big yellow sun in the corner of the room. Add plants, trees and flowers around the teen room for the finishing touches.

teenage room ideas girls bedroom design white pink colors

teen room girl ideas flowers wall decoration

The shades of green create a calming atmosphere

Teen room girl fresh idea shades of green

Pink and crystals for a glamorous interior

cool teenage room design ideas girls bedroom interior

 Combine matching colors

Teenage girls room ideas light blue green

 Bold contrasts are modern

Teenage girls room ideas black green

Teen white furniture

teen white and pink accents

Teen wall decoration design blue

Teen ideas red black

Teen ideas purple flowers

Teen ideas light purple white

Teen ideas flowers wall decoration

Teen Ideas elegant furniture color accents

Teen ideas bubble hanging chair

Teenage girl room ideas purple flowers

stylish grey teenage girls bedroom pink mirror frame

small teen room design girl ideas

fresh teen room girl ideas natural colors

Teen girls room ideas white green light blue

Teen girls room ideas nature in bedroom

Teen girls ideas pink walls white gray colors



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