Tiny White Bugs in Indoor Plant Soil – What are They and Should We get Rid of Them?

by Stephanie Yankova

As you’re watering your plants, you notice something unusual moving. You look closer and you see white bugs! What are those, and how did they get there? Are they dangerous? Should you get rid of them, and if so – how? Here’s everything you need to know about the tiny white bugs in indoor plant soil!

how to remove tiny bugs in indoor plant soil

Tiny White Bugs in Indoor Plant Soil – What Are They?

There are a few types of white bugs that can infest your soil, so it’s important to identify them before you proceed to eliminate them! However, there is probably no need for you to worry, because most of them are completely harmless! Let’s learn what the different types of tiny white bugs are:

Spider Mites

If you notice small webs around the stem or the leaves, chances are that those bugs are spider mites. Those are some of the harmful types which suck the water out of the plants and eventually kill them. To kill those pests, mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 4 parts water to create a concoction which you’re then going to apply to the leaves.

Soil Mites

This is the most common type of white bug that can infest your soil, and thankfully, is completely harmless! In fact, your plant actually benefits from having them in its soil, as they help aerate it.

Root Aphids

These bugs are almost invisible to the naked eye, so you’ll probably notice them only when repotting your plant. How do you know if they are in the soil if you can’t see them? Take a look at your leaves – if they are starting to change in color or curl up, you have a case of root aphids on your hands!

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Scale Insects

Does your plant look like it has bumps on it? Those bumps, my friends, are probably scale insects! Now, these pests are incredibly stubborn and difficult to get rid of, and the best thing you can do to eliminate them is to apply rubbing alcohol to the infected area. You can also use organic products such as neem oil, or go hardcore on them and apply horticultural oil or an insecticidal soap.

Fungus Gnats

If you notice tiny white insects with white heads taking a stroll in your plant’s soil – those are fungus gnats. You can spot these very easily, as they leave trails behind them. These little bugs love water, so be careful not to overwater your plants, otherwise you can expect an attack. They’re not super dangerous for your plants, however, if the soil is moist they will start feeding on its organic compounds, which will cause a deficiency to your plant.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of the White Bugs in the Plant Soil?

woman repotting indoor plant

The first thing you need to do to rid your plant completely of those insects is to re-pot them. Once you’ve gotten the roots out, clean them thoroughly with water. Take a close look and make sure that there aren’t any pests crawling on the plant. Then place it in a new, clean, and sanitized pot and preferably place it in a different area of your home.

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