Under Stairs Dog Room Ideas 2024 – Explore the Paw-Sibilities of Your Spandrel!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you wondering how to utilize all the free space that’s under your stairs? Wonder no more – this is the ideal spot for building a pad for your 4-legged pals! It’s spacious enough for you to unleash your creativity, and the perfect size for them to feel cozy and comfortable. Are you ready to get inspired for your next home project? Here are some beautiful under stairs dog room ideas to get you and your puppies pumped up! 

arched under stairs nook for a dog room

Under Stairs Dog Room Ideas 2024

The possibilities for transforming the space under the stairs in your home are endless, however, one of my favorite ways to add function to it is by turning it into a dog house! When it comes to the mess, having a dog is like having a little kid – there are toys everywhere, hidden snacks, and other belongings that, quite frankly, take up a lot of space. By having this designated area for your pup, you can just move all of their stuff in there, which will make it much easier for you to keep your home tidy!

Simple Dog Room with a Sliding Door

simple under stairs dog room idea with sliding door

If you want you and your pup to have your privacy, but also give them some sense of autonomy, adding a sliding door to their understairs nook is a great way to achieve that. They can easily open and close it themselves, which I’m sure they’ll find very amusing once they get the hang of it!

Hidden Bowls Compartment

bespoke under stairs dog bed with hidden snacks compartment

Now, isn’t this puppy Heaven? This is the perfect little spot for a small dog to take their daily naps, and the space under the platform is ideal for storing their bowls! To add some character to their room, you can incorporate a dog-themed wallpaper, a pop of color (dogs can discern only blue and yellow), and something soft and comfy for them to snuggle in.

Cozy Gray Dog Pad

cozy big dog room under stairs design idea

Here we have a wonderful dog room designed to correspond to the shape and color of the staircase, which makes it feel like an integral part of the overall interior. What I really love about it is that it’s tall enough for a person to fit in there, as well, so your pup can invite you over, and you won’t have to crawl or lay on the floor!

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Bespoke Under Stairs Dog Room

elegant under stairs dog house with closing doors

If you’re completely renovating your home, you can take this opportunity to build a bespoke room for your puppy that blends perfectly with the rest of your interior. You can see how here the house is an organic continuation of the rest of the staircase and the storage cupboards above it, and there’s even an engraved name tag that’s going to remain a part of your home for years to come.

Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

under stairs storage and dog room idea for two puppies

What do I do if I have two puppies? Don’t worry, there is plenty of space under the stairs to accommodate them both! Realistically speaking, they don’t need much more than room for their bed, bowls, stretchies! Here’s a very simple and practical layout that even allows you to add some storage above the dog rooms!

matching black under stairs dog rooms for two puppies with name tags

Here’s another brilliant design idea for how to fit two nooks under the stairs to fit seamlessly with the whole construction! I really enjoy the classic shape of a dog house and how it’s been reimagined in such an elegant and minimalist way! And of course – let’s not forget the name tags!

Dog Pad Decor Inspo

under stairs dog crib with large portrait and led lights

Once you’ve made the room for your puppy, comes the most fun part – decorating it! Sure, colorful pillows and patterned wallpapers are great, but nothing beats having a real-size photo of your dog hanging in their room! After all, everyone who passes it should know who’s the head of the household!

When Function and Practicality Come into Play

staircase dog house idea white wood cupboards

Not every staircase has enough room underneath it to utilize it in a functional, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t build your dog a beautiful and practical room! Here’s a clever idea for filling the free space in your entryway with a custom cupboard that has a spacious bed nook and some other surprises!

custom dog room with cupboards with bowl storage

One of the cupboards is actually designed to store your pup’s bowl! How convenient is this?

white wood custom dog room idea with hidden food storage

But wait, there’s more! On the other side, there’s another hidden compartment for you to store their food! This is truly an innovative design that both you and your puppy will appreciate!

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More Dog House Ideas

classic shape under stairs dog house made of natural wood

Tiny Under Stairs Room for a Small Puppy

small under stairs dog room idea for little dogs

Cozy Minimalist Nook

elegant minimalist under stairs dog house

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