Tips to Clean Dishwasher: Discover the Tricks! Precautions for Common Mistakes

by Snezhana Besarabova

A clean dishwasher is a valuable possession and indispensable appliance in any trendy kitchen, saving time and power in maintaining purity in food service. Though, like any other appliance, it requires a wise maintenance to perform at its best. So, how to clean the most clogged with food particles part, the filter? What are the tricks of removing the grease and debris from the inside components, and how you should avoid mistakes?

How to Clean Dishwasher Filter?

clean dishwasher remove and wash the filter

The filter works by capturing food residues, debris, and other impurities from the water while washing is going on. After many cycles, they build up, which can embarrass the washer’s results and appear unpleasant odors. To leave the dishwasher odor-free and efficiently cleaning, you should take some special care of its filter:

  1. Find out the filter: This substantial part is normally placed at the bottom of the appliance, under the lower spray arm. Check in your dishwasher’s manual to find out its precise location.
  2. Pull out the Filter: Remove the part carefully by turning it counterclockwise or pulling it, according to the design. Be careful not to force it, as too much pressure might injure the filter or its surroundings.
  3. Clean debris and impurities: Rinse the filter with warm running water to wash away food particles and debris. Use a soft brush, or an old toothbrush, to lightly scrub away any stubborn residue. Do not apply harsh abrasives that might damage the filter!
  4. Soak in vinegar to smell well: To cope with the unpleasant odors or stuck grime, submerge the filter in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water for about 15–20 minutes. Vinegar’s acidity will loosen the mineral residues and free the device from odors.
  5. Rinse and reassemble: After finishing the soaking, rinse the filter with water abundantly to wash away the vinegar residue. Check if the filter is completely dry before turning it back into the appliance.

Tricks for Cleaning Dishwasher

apple cider vinegar to clean dishwasher


Your dishwasher maintaining goes beyond just keeping the filter free from grease and food particles. There are some tricks to keep whole your device shining and functioning the best:

  • Wipe down the inner parts: Wipe down the interior of the appliance with a damp towel to remove any stains, water residue, or soap scum. Pay attention to the door seal and ridges where debris can stick.
  • Rinse spray arms: Detach the spray arms and rinse them with running warm water to extrude the food particles that might be choking the spray openings. Use a toothpick or a little brush to clean any blocked holes.
  • Remove odors with baking soda: For this purpose, sprinkle a cup (230 g) of baking soda on the bottom of the device, pour a little hot water, and switch on a short cycle. Baking soda will neutralize the bad smell and leave a fresh odor.

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How Do I Clean My Dishwasher with Baking Soda and White Vinegar?

clean dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda solution

Baking soda and white vinegar are natural and efficient cleaning substances that can help keep your dishwasher’s cleanliness and proper working. Here is how to apply them together:

  1. Take everything out of the device: Make sure that the dishwasher is entirely free from dishes and other items.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda inside: Sprinkle a cup (270 g) of baking soda on the bottom of the appliance. This will be beneficial for removing grease, stains, and odors.
  3. Pour white vinegar: Pour a cup (250 ml) of white vinegar in a container on the top rack. Its acidic qualities dissolve mineral deposits and remove residue.
  4. Set to a hot cycle: Switch on the device to a hot water cycle and let it work. The combination of baking soda and vinegar will combine to clean and deodorize the inner parts.
  5. Wipe down the interior: When the cycle is over, open the appliance and wipe down the inner parts with a damp towel. Be more studious to the door seal, corners and racks.

Avoiding Mistakes When Cleaning Dishwasher

clean dishwasher inner parts and gaps and seals

While cleaning your dishwasher, it’s substantial to avoid general mistakes that could impair the appliance or lower its efficiency:

  • Applying harsh chemicals: Do not use hard cleaners or abrasive substances, which can injure the device’s inner parts.
  • Ignoring seals and corners: Be more careful with door seals, edges, and gaps where food particles and damp can stay. Ignoring these spots can result in mold growth and odors.
  • Overloading the appliance: When you add extra load in the dishwasher, you can block spray arms and water circulation, which can lead to inefficient cleaning afterward.
  • Miss to maintain regularly: Don’t wait until your appliance shows signs of fault before to clean it. Regular cleaning, including the filter and the interior, prevents from appearing significant issues.

clean dishwasher take care of the inner parts gaps and seals

  • Using too much vinegar: While vinegar is an ideal cleaning agent, its abundant use can cause an unwanted odor or to damage the rubber parts.

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clean dishwasher maintain the purity



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