Wine dispenser ideas – the best gift for wine lovers

by Kremy


Wine dispenser ideas are one of the hot trends and many designers offer creative and original box wine dispensers which are a complement to any household. A wine dispenser would be the best gift for the wine lover or a perfect housewarming gift. When you think about it – how long does it take to pour drinks in every glass when you throw a party at home, for example? And what happens when a bottle of wine falls or gets broken or engaged in a conversation you pour too much wine in a glass? Here comes the wine dispenser to save you from trouble and make your table look more interesting.


Wine dispenser ideas – creative designs and great functionality


wine-dispenser-ideas-box -dispenser-buffet-table


We all use water dispensers. They have become widely popular in offices, public areas and many people prefer to use one at home. We will show you some fantastic wine dispenser ideas featuring original and creative designs and allowing you to offer a glass of wine to family and friends in a very convenient way. A modern wine dispenser will replace the old-fashioned granny big decanters and the kitchen will look great. Dispensers designed for domestic use offer a number of advantages – always serving fresh wine thanks to the insulating properties of the dispenser, easy to use and refill, you can place them on the kitchen countertop, the dining table or on the buffet table, dispensers are user friendly and convenient as they work without electricity and will keep the temperature of your wine at the right level. Last but not least, wine an original wine dispenser can be an eye catching decoration on your festive table.


Wine dispenser ideas – an elegant way to serve wine



Wine dispenser ideas are very original and you can choose from bottle wine dispensers or a box dispenser. Usually bottle wine dispensers are used in clubs, night bars or restaurants but some manufacturers offer smaller versions for domestic use and can work with one or two bottles. They look classy and chic and can be easily placed on the kitchen countertop.


Box dispensers offer a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes and you will definitely find something to add to your own kitchen or give as an original gift to friends. It is true that some people feel uncomfortable to serve wine from a cardboard box or enjoy a limited number of wines which seldom come in a box. With a wine dispenser, you simply remove the wine bag from the box and place it in the dispenser. After that all you need to do is arrange the spout in the cutout. Enjoy the different design ideas in the gallery below and find the best design for your home or your friends.




wine-dispenser ideas wood barrel housewarming gift






wine-dispenser ideas modern design box wine dispenser buffet table





wine dispenser ideas compact design box wine dispenser portable wine despenser


original-home -wine-dispenser-ideas-modern-design




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