Winter Fashion for Women Over 70 – Simple Tips on How to Stay Warm and Stylish in 2023/24!

by Stephanie Yankova

Winter is approaching, and you’ve decided to update your wardrobe for the season but have no idea what are the latest trends for older women – don’t worry, we got you! We narrowed down the most fashion-forward pieces, from the most current overcoats to must-have patterns and rejuvenating silhouettes and color combinations. In 2023, the winter fashion for women over 70 is more exciting than ever!

Winter Fashion for Women Over 70

long plaid metallic skirt fall winter fashion for women over 70

We had a really exciting year in fashion! The 90s are coming back with full force, which means more denim, more oversized silhouettes, cargo pants, long skirts, and chunky shoes. Simultaneously, we’re going through a phase of total elimination of big flashy logos, bold color combinations, and extravagant styling. Instead, fashion gurus are embracing muted color palettes, minimalist designs, and monochromatic ensembles. Here’s how you can adapt your wardrobe to the latest tendencies!

A Statement Fur Coat

leather and fur coat winter fashion women over 70

You can wear the most simple all-black outfit, throw a big fur coat on top, and look like a million bucks! This classic item is a true fashion statement that’s not only going to keep you warm during the coldest of evenings but will also make you feel and look like a movie star every time you strut down the street.

Cozy Knits

white knit turtleneck wardrobe essential mature women winter fashion

We all need something warm and comfortable to snug into during the cold months. You simply can’t have too many sweaters, however, there is one design in particular that’s an absolute must for older women, and I’ll tell you why. At the age of 70 wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines become significantly more visible. An excellent hack that you can apply to make them less noticeable is to wear white around your face. This is especially easy to achieve in the winter with a white turtleneck, that will also help conceal the wrinkles on your neck.

Monochromatic Ensemble in Earthy Tones

monochromatic brown short wool coat wide leg pants cashmere sweater

As I mentioned earlier, this year we’re riding the minimalism wave. Staple designs, high-quality fabrics, and warm, earthy tones are IN. Now, when we do monochromatic looks with bold colors, they can have a pretty overwhelming effect. However, this is not the case when you choose more toned-down shades such as chocolate brown, burgundy, navy blue, or even black. Did you know that this is actually a great styling technique if you want to make your figure appear slimmer? When you wear one single color from top to bottom, it visually narrows and elongates your silhouette, which is a desired effect for all of us during the layering season!

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Modern Casual Wear

hoodie oversized blazer wide leg jeans rejuvenating fashion women over 70

Can I dress in a way that’s appropriate for my age while remaining in sync with the latest fashion trends? The answer is a resounding YES. Remember – you wear the clothes, not the other way around! A super simple everyday look that you can try is pairing a box hoodie with an oversized blazer and your favorite jeans or pants. You can dress it up with a more elegant bag and high heel boots, or dress it down with sneakers and a tote.

Dripping with Tartan

tartan outfit woman over 70 fall winter fashion 2023

Tartan, or plaid, is one of the oldest patterns that remains incredibly fashionable to this day. The color combinations you can find it in are endless, you can pair it with pretty much everything, wear it for any occasion, and feel confident while doing so because it’s simple never out of style!

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More Winter Fashion Inspo for Over 70s

casual fashion inspo for older women puffer vest corduroy pants

Casual Leather Bomber Jacket Paired with Cargo Pants and a Matching Baseball Cap

leather bomber jacket cargo pants baseball cap fashion ideas winter 2023 women over 70

A Maxi Leather Skirt with a Vintage Oversized Blazer

winter fashion older women rejuvenating hacks long wide skirt

French Chic in White and Navy Blue 

cozy knits layers comfortable winter fashion older women 2023 trends

Elegant All-Gray Attire with a Pop of Cherry Red

formal winter clothes woman over 70 gray coat two piece suit red turtleneck

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