10 balcony and roof terrace design ideas for an oasis in the city

by Kremy

roof terrace design dwarf trees plants

To make a perfect balcony and roof terrace is now essential because they provide a green oasis in the city – a place where you can relax outdoors. We offer you some design ideas that would help you to plan your small perfect urban garden.

Ideas for balcony and roof terrace

balcony and roof terrace design ideas rattan furniture


1. The design as an outdoors refuge.
– Gravel is an interesting alternative to hard flooring. It provides a softer floor for your feet and also excellent drainage.
– Planters, built of brick, create a nice contrast to the bare concrete walls.
– Trees are important for shade and protection of privacy in open spaces such as roof terraces.
– Choose outdoor furniture that can withstand strong wind and other harsh weather conditions.

Tips for designing a balcony & roof terrace

 balcony and roof terrace design ideas private sitting area

2. A small sitting area.
Everyone wants to have his morning coffee on the balcony. Design the perfect balcony & roof terrace with soft mats, carpets and pillows, which naturally withstand the weather. Stick to the neutral color palette.
– Put the accent on the view and place the furniture in this direction.
– Small decorative trees are top picks for balconies, because they offer fresh greens, without restricting the view of the countryside.
– Another good option for balconies is moveable benches that provide both extra seating and table surface.
– A folding coffee table would be perfect because it allows you to easily store the outdoor accessories in the winter season.

balcony and roof terrace design ideas pond lily fireplace stones

3. Views of the skyline from the roof terrace.
Plants and water add beauty to the roof surfaces. A narrow water garden provides a structural and visual contrast to plants and wooden elements.
– Instead of an additional container, a large raised bed with a pretty collection of flowers.
– A fire pit – either gas or wood – is a welcome element on each balcony.
– Colored gravel provides a subtle accent at the floor.
– Plant containers are a good option for roof terraces: they are mobile, can be planted with annual or perennial flowers, and come in a variety of sizes and materials.

brick walls yellow star

4. A spectacular city scene as a backdrop for a romantic dining area.
This green oasis is divided into two sections – a sheltered veranda and a rooftop terrace with dining area. Get the same look with an artful use of furniture and other accents, such as carpets.
– Liven up on the big boring walls with outdoor friendly ornaments, such as this large yellow metal star.
– Electrical cables are a desirable addition for a roof and balcony terrace. Wall lights offer safety and ambiance.
– Grab an umbrella. When the sun rays shine too strong, the shadow is a blessing.

 bamboo trees

5. A charming design.
Simple is often better as these simple materials and decisions demonstrate.
– Clever planting provides a nice barrier on the roof. Here, a long container with strong bamboo shields the view.
– The sunlight passes through glass blocks as railings, which cleverly creates a visual screen.
– Depending on the style tendencies, wood can be left to the weather, to get a soft gray color, or be regularly painted with a rich color.

 ideas plants containers

6. Planters work wonders to brighten the atmosphere.
Arrange a subtle change in the material, so that the flooring looks boring.
– A number of plant containers of various sizes define the edges of the balcony.
– Benches (and high metal and wire railing) provide a security to enjoy the view.
– A grid outlines a separate dining area on the roof.
– Use a variety of plant species – dwarf trees, shrubs, perennials and a few flowers – this will immediately catch the eye and decorate the outside.

light wood pergola gray

 7. Interesting structures such as pergolas are decorative and functional.
– Protection of direct sunlight is the key to comfort on the roof terraces. Try to make a pergola to shield the patio.
– Wound vines add subtle colors to the bare sides of the pergola.
– A collection of rocks and boulders provides another way to increase the visual diversity.

balcony and roof terrace design ideas patio furniture pool

8. Patio by the pool or water fountain.
To help soothe the surrounding urban noise and create a focal point, a water fountain is a perfect solution.
– Containers – even for large climbing plants – offer an alternative if it is too difficult to bring large amounts of earth on the roof.
– Depending on the type and visual preferences, a variety of materials may be used as a grid. Here, the metal has a light, airy structure.
– A combination of built-in benches and portable chairs increases the flexibility of seating.

wooden planters lounge chairs

9. Moderate style.
Simple materials and plants create a beautiful exterior with graceful style.
– A uniform wall of evergreen plants and dwarf trees create a stunning minimalist border that also serves as a visual barrier.
– Dynamic shrubs and colorful flowers, add a few pops of color and texture.
– The fabrics and furnishings accent the design on the balcony. Here, chairs made ​​of oak and light green cushion complement the clean aesthetics.

lush planting woodеn flooring

10. Lush greenery and a pergola contribute to a vibrant design.
Plants and solid elements define the areas on the roof, which are more or less exposed. Here, a pergola and plants shield the space from above and from the side.
– A grid marks the space to relax from dining area.
– The space between two columns of a pergola provides a natural corner for a bench.
– A lush and colorful collection of plants dramatically increases the planted area of ​​the roof terrace.



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