Wooden pallets furniture are an environmentally friendly alternative

by Kremy

DIY hallway furniture clothes hangers

We will show you several ideas from the whole world how to build wooden pallets furniture by yourselves. Creative craft enthusiasts have different designs and applications of wooden pallets. They used the advantage of the shape of the wooden pallets, and have turned it into shoe racks, kitchen racks or coat racks. Let yourself be inspired by the original designs – they are very simple, but super convenient.

DIY Kitchen shelves wooden pallets furniture


This kitchen bears the charm, typical of the country house style. Wooden pallets furniture is a major accent. You guessed it right – both the cabinet doors and the wall shelves were made out of wood pallets. The big advantage is their shape. You need to test in advance whether they are stable enough. Sand the surface and paint the wood so it will last longer, especially in the kitchen. The natural yellow and green color of the dishes compliment the overall look. So you will always keep track in the kitchen.

Shoe rack wooden pallets furniture DIY ideas

This shoe rack again took the form of material used and offer original storage space for the kids. In general, no great changes in the existing structure were necessary in the design. Wooden pallet furniture can be divided into two groups – the first is to be used as a unit. The second group includes pieces of furniture that were built from the wood of pallets. Thus, several pieces of furniture can be build from one palette, which also saves money. In the example of clothes hangers below the design was refreshed by colored patterns. The homeowner has come up with an original decoration idea – he has stuck wallpaper residue on the wood.

Clothes hanger DIY ideas wooden pallets furniture

original nursery furniture DIY shelves

furniture DIY wall shelves

Frying pan storage DIY kitchen ideas

Wine storage ideas DIY wooden pallets furniture

Wine racks modern kitchen bar do it yourself crafts idea

Wine storage furniture dining room

rustic clothes hanger

Wooden clothes hanger design idea

Furniture clothes hangers


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