20 cool cord keepers and cable organizers that make you smile

by Kremy

cable organization ideas fun cord keepers

Are you tired of fighting with tangled cables all over? It doesn’t matter whether it is in the office or at home, the constant battle with various cables gives a lot of headache to many people. Even the simplest thing like your smartphone headphones can add to the daily stress while you try to disentangle them. We have collected 20 cool cord keepers which will ease your life and brighten your mood.

Cool cord keepers – creative cable organizer ideas

cable organizers ideas cord keepers office organizers


Maintaining a good organization can be quite a hassle especially when you use different devices. Usually the office space is limited and the devices are placed close to each other which is the first step to the typical cable chaos.

 cable organization ideas fun design

There are some awesome solutions and cord keepers which would solve the problem perfectly and easily. Cable clips are well known to everyone as the ideal way to keep all sorts of cords together but with a new and fun design they give a totally new look and mood to an ordinary office. Flexi ties would help you wrap and hold any cord and they have a great advantage – it is extremely easy to undo any group of cables.

Cool cord keepers – eccentric or fun designs?

monkey cable organizer fun design ideas

One of the most adorable cord keepers is the monkey clip. A suitable gift not only for kids but for adults who understand that cable organization can be fun. Made of rubber, the clip easily opens and closes.


 DIY crochet cord keeper headphones


Cool cord keepers and cable organizers can be a DIY project as well. You can use leather strips in different colors and craft as many organizers as you need. How about a crochet cord keeper? A fantastic idea, isn’t it? It will be the perfect handmade Christmas gift for your children or grandchildren. Enjoy the gallery below and get your cables organized!

fun cord keepers cartoon characters headphones cord ideas

cord keepers DIY ideas leather straps button

 spiral shape cable organization ideas

 ideas mini giraffe headphone earphone cord holder

 mini giraffe headphone earphone

 cord holder organizer

headphones cable organizer

 gingerbread cookie DIY ideas

 DIY ideas office organization cable organizers

DIY crochet cord keeper

 fun cable organizers monkey

 electric guitar

cartoon animal headphone earphone organizer cord keeper

cable cords keeper ideas office organizers ideas



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