6 Tips for Watering Hydrangeas During the Heat Wave!

by Kremy

Plants beautify our home, but just like us, they need water. So, if your car can do without a wash, your hydrangeas cannot, especially during a period of great heat when the water reserves of the soil are limited. Although they are summer flowers, they do not tolerate drought and the scorching sun. That is why it is important to control the watering of your hydrangeas so that they embellish your exterior longer. So here are some practical tips!

Watering Hydrangeas in Pots or In Soil: Tips for Hot Weather

how to water a hydrangea in summer

In pots or in the ground, hydrangeas are relatively easy to grow. However, watering them is essential to have beautiful flowers all summer long. In the middle of a heat wave, the foliage of your hydrangea can wither very quickly. If the leaves droop, they lack water. But they recover as soon as you water them abundantly. Note: abundant watering does not mean excessive watering. So how do you maintain them properly during a period of great heat or when you are away? Here are 6 tips for watering hydrangeas this summer!

Water Your Hydrangea in The Evening

what is the best time of the day to water hydrangeas in summer


Apart from the garden, do you have potted hydrangeas on your balcony or terrace? How to water them in hot weather? As with hydrangeas in the garden, it is best to water them early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is no longer beating down and the plants evaporate less. Likewise, the soil must be constantly moist. Pay attention to the roots which must not be drowned. Also avoid getting the leaves and flowers wet.

Mulching for Smart Watering

summer heat wave smart watering mulching hydrangea garden

To protect your garden from the sun, nothing like a good mulch. Spread about 10 cm thick mulch at the foot of your hydrangea. Water your plants in the morning and space out the waterings as much as possible during the week to encourage the roots to fetch water from deep down. Terracotta oyas are perfect for this purpose. As for mulching, it is enough to cover the soil with organic materials or minerals. Think straw, dried grass, ferns, etc. Watch out for bark and dead softwood leaves, which tend to make the soil more acidic. Homemade compost is also a suitable option.

Tips for Watering Hydrangeas – Avoid Hard Water and Opt for Rainwater

collect rainwater to water the hydrangeas in summer heat

Whether in the garden or in a pot, the hydrangea requires regular watering. Touch the soil on the surface to check. If it is dry, water it. In summer as in winter, avoid watering your hydrangeas with hard water. Instead, opt for rainwater. To collect rainwater, take a barrel and install it at the exit of the downspouts from the roof gutters. Finally, the potted hydrangea fears stagnant water and appreciates well-drained soil. So, make sure that your pots have holes to allow water to drain.

Install a Shelter to Protect Your Hydrangeas From the Sun

watering hydrangeas outdoor summer 2022 heat wave


If you want the watering of your hydrangeas to be effective, beware of the sun! Although they are summer flowering plants, they do not tolerate heat and direct light. In fact, they can only spend a few hours under the rays. The best exposure is therefore shade or partial shade. To protect them from the scorching sun, you can use a patio umbrella or shade sails.

Mist In Case of Heat

protect your hydrangeas from the sun heat wave

It may be that despite all your efforts, during the heat wave, your hydrangeas quickly lower their heads at the level of the flower stems. You can save them from the heat by spraying the flowers with water or air spraying them. So that they do not burn, it is better to use the mist-type spray function.

Drip System or Watering Gel When You’re Absent

hydrangea watering DIY drip system plastic bottle

Heat wave often means holidays! So you’re going to the seaside? That’s great! The only downside is that there will be no one to take care of your pretty potted hydrangeas. Do not panic! There are a number of tricks to watering them from afar. And drip irrigation is a good example. It doesn’t matter if your hydrangeas are in pots or in the ground, the drip irrigation system made from a plastic bottle will do just fine. How to make it yourself? Just follow this tutorial:

Materials needed:

  • bottle of water
  • cutter
  • lighter
  • screwdriver/needle
  • glue
  • toothpick


You should not reuse plastic bottles to store water or other liquids to be consumed. However, this does not mean that they necessarily have to end up in the trash, because you can very easily use them to water your hydrangeas when you’re not at home. Just cut the base of the plastic bottle, heat the tip of your screwdriver and then make a few holes in the cap. Finally, all you have to do is turn the water bottle upside down and plant it in the ground.

watering gel hydrangea in pot outdoor summer full sun heat wave

Another good trick for watering hydrangeas is to make a water-retaining gel. It is the miracle solution to offer your plants up to 30 days of hydration. Here’s how to prepare it at home before going on vacation:

  • Pour 2 cups of water into a jar.
  • Add 1 g of agar-agar or 2 sheets of food gelatine.
  • Place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
  • Just water your plants well before going to a holiday and then place the watering gel on the ground.

Practical and eco-friendly, this solution prevents water evaporation. In addition, you can use it daily and not only during the heat wave.




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