Holiday on Lake Garda 2022: an unforgettable vacation on the shores of the largest lake in Italy!

by Kremy

A holiday on Lake Garda 2022 offers a contrast between the dramatic mountain scenery and the calm, sparkling waters of the lake, between traditional towns and villages and the most famous cities in Italy. One cannot get enough of the enchanting views of the lake, imbued with the atmosphere of old castles, country houses, cozy hotels, the lights and the bustle of city life.

Landscape Full of Contrasts


The largest and most popular lake in Italy, Lake Garda is located in the north of the country, halfway between Milan and Venice. With a coastline stretching over 140 km, spanning three regions and 15 cities, there is a perfect travel destination for everyone who loves lake travel. Each city has retained its character and culture, its relaxed way of life and its ability to celebrate life.

The Dramatic North

mountain villages and small towns line the shores of Lake Garda


Mountain landscapes, villages and port towns line the shores of the narrower, northern Lake Garda. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure here, whether it’s strolling through the hills of Malcesine or simply strolling along Limone’s cobbled promenade. Known for its breezy climate, water sports are very popular – and even if you don’t take part in them, you can spend hours watching the water while you sit on the lakefront at Torbole with an ice cream or a spritz. This area used to be under Austrian rule, so the northernmost towns of Riva del Garda and Torbole are reminding of centuries-old threats of invasion.

The Sun-kissed South

The south of Lake Garda is much flatter

The south of Lake Garda is much flatter and wider, and the Sirmione peninsula juts out from the south. Known for its mild, Mediterranean climate, it is rich in olive trees and lemon groves. Also around Bardolino and Lazise there are vineyards from which a number of world-renowned wines are obtained. The pebbly beaches of Desenzano and Garda Town slide into clear waters and provide a relaxing backdrop for a day in the sun. The enchanting port of Peschiera, the fortress walls of Torri del Benaco and the Scaligeri castles, built in honor of the Veronese and Venetian rulers, offer plenty of opportunities for walking, admiring and learning.

A Holiday on Lake Garda 2022: the Most Famous Resorts

Holiday on Lake Garda 2022 which are the most famous holiday resorts

Here we show you the most famous Lake Garda resorts that are worth visiting this summer. Enjoy the beautiful Alpine flair and the magnificent lakeside villages and towns that will enchant you with their architecture and colorful looks!

Summer holidays in Malcesine

Malcesine Italian lakes holiday


Malcesine’s harbor promenade is the ideal place to sit with a glass of cold drink and relax. Mountain walks and water sports are very popular among local residents, so if you prefer an active summer holiday, Malcesine is the best place for you.

Wine Tasting in Bardolino

Bardolino is known for the expansive vineyards in the hills

Bardolino is famous for its extensive vineyards in the hills. The vineyards that surround the town are a nod to Bardolino’s world-renowned wine industry, which dates back to Roman times. And a visit to the Wine or Olive Oil Museum is a great way to learn more about the region’s past. There are countless opportunities for wine tasting. The place is postcard-perfect with palm trees, and various festivals culinary festivals are held around the calendar.

Holiday on Lake Garda 2022: Desenzano

Classic old villas line the lakefront of Desenzano

In Desenzano you can enjoy the architecture of old villas and cathedrals, Roman ruins with wonderful mosaics, etc. Many local pubs and bars reveal the local party scene after dark.

Visit Riva Resort

Riva Italian resorts on lake Garda

Riva offers you the antique charm of a 14th-century castle and bustling squares full of life. With the amazing pastel yellow townhouses nestled among beautiful winding streets, this Italian town is truly fascinating. Don’t forget to take a stroll up the mountains and through gleaming gardens.

Let Yourself be Carried Away to the Middle Ages in Peschiera

medieval walls of Peschiera

Shops, cafes and trattorias within Peschiera’s medieval city walls are waiting for you to explore them. The local sardines and wine are very popular, so you’ll find plenty of treats. The religious buildings complete the history of Peschiera.

Unforgettable Summer Holidays in Lazise

Lazise is at the southeast end of lake Garda

Located at the southeast end of the lake, Lazise is a beautiful place. With the boats in the harbour, gardens awash with flowers and squares crammed with umbrellas, welcome to postcard life on the lake.

Enjoy San Felice del Benaco

San Felice del Benaco on the west shore of Lake Garda

This peaceful little town is situated on the idyllic west shore of Lake Garda, near the impressive Venetian villa Isola Del Garda. The place is rich in history and culture, making it a real all-rounder among vacation spots.

Visit the Alpine Village of Nago

holiday on Lake Garda 2022 Visit the Alpine village Nago

The picturesque town at the northern end of the lake reminds an alpine village with its evergreen rows, the chalet-style houses and the surrounding mountains. If you are attracted to panoramic views and picnics, then it’s time to drive to Nago.

Holiday by the Water in Sirmione

Holiday on Lake Garda 2022 Sirmione

Sirmione is small and is perfectly situated on the lake. The picturesque castle is protected by an arched moat and you can explore the Roman ruins and enjoy the gorgeous views all around. Get ready to explore the historical points of the place while having fun by the water.

Experience the Mediterranean Flair in Limone

Holidays on Lake Garda 2022 ideas in Limone

Limone has a special and relaxed, Mediterranean flair. From the port you have one of the most beautiful views of Lake Garda. During your holiday you will discover many ancient flavors and really get to know the city.

Summer Holidays 2022 in Garda

Enjoy your summer holidays 2022 in Garda

This is the perfect town for your stay if you want to explore the region. Located on the east shore of the lake, the town is full of charisma and little peculiarities waiting to be discovered. Stroll along the promenade and have an espresso enjoying the waterfront.




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