3 Beautiful Ways to Add Wood Pieces and Features to Your Home

by Kremy

Has it been a while since you updated the décor and design in your house? Is it starting to look a bit worn and maybe lacking in personality and beauty? Rather than gut the house and start from scratch, why not pick one element that you can feature throughout the house? It will modernise the space and it can give the illusion that you’ve done much more than add a couple of new elements.

Add Wood Pieces and Features stylish outdoor furniture

One of the best ways to bring beauty and character to a home that is currently lacking in both categories is to add wood pieces and features. Wood can just as easily be used indoors as outdoors, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Here are some great ideas you may want to use.

Add Wood Pieces and Features to the Bedroom with a New Bedframe

add wood pieces and features to your bedroom rustic bed headboard


There’s no need to invest in all-new bedroom furniture when the largest piece in the room is usually the bedframe. Simply updating this one item will transform the space and play off all the other furniture in the room. Choosing a bed frame will require you to figure out what style you’re going for, the color/finish of the wood, how big of a bedframe you want and of course how it plays with the rest of the design.

Add Rustic Charm to Your Dining Room

wooden dining table adds rustic touch to the interior

Nothing says rustic charm quite like a wooden dining table. Whether you choose to place it in a formal dining room or your kitchen, a wooden table often ends up being a statement piece. It can help to pull a design concept together, make the space feel customised and bring beauty into the room. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard wooden table, if you like the idea of a statement piece, be sure to check out these tree trunk tables. Each one will be unique since they are all made from different trees. This style of table also works well if you want a large impressive dining table that seats a big family.

Create an Outdoor Living Space with a Wooden Deck

wooden patio deck and dining furniture

In the past decade, homeowners have been embracing the concept of outdoor living and outdoor entertaining at levels never before seen. It’s allowed people to give their backyard function and purpose, making the absolute best use of the space. If your backyard is lacking in personality and isn’t exactly an entertainer’s dream, this is a great place to add wooden features.

add wood pieces and features to your home garden furniture ideas


Building a wood deck will create that natural place to gather, entertain and even set up an outdoor kitchen if you choose. You can look into the best IPE decking if you want to be sure the material you choose is not only beautiful but extremely durable and will last a long time.

bedroom furniture ideas wooden bed

As you can see, these are some really simple ways you can add wood pieces and features to your home and make a huge impact. Thanks to the nature of wood, no matter what piece you choose it will always be unique and it does a great job of bringing character to the space.




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