How to Arrange a Small Bedroom? – 5 Expert Tips for a Space Saving Layout!

by Stephanie Yankova

The bedroom is our sanctuary, a space to unwind and recharge. But when your room is small and poorly organized this feeling can be hindered. How can you make the most of your bedroom without sacrificing style and function? How do you utilize storage? Is it possible to make room for all your must-haves? Our experts are sharing with you clever space-saving hacks and layout ideas to help you arrange a small bedroom that fits all your needs! 

arrange small bedroom layout storage ideas utilizing space floor standing mirror clothing rack

Essential Features for Small Bedrooms

When you’re designing a small space, every inch makes a difference! To make the most of your bedroom’s layout, first, you have to map out all your must-have items and features. Regardless of size, every bedroom has great potential waiting to be unleashed! We’re going to help you do just that! Let’s begin by specifying the most essential elements of a small bedroom:

  • Vertical design – When you’re working with limited floor space, utilizing the empty space on your walls is essential.
  • Multifunctional furniture – Smart design is the path to success. Multifunctional furniture items with hidden storage compartments really come in handy here.
  • Light – Small spaces can easily begin to feel suffocating. That’s why you need to make your bedroom feel as bright and airy as possible.
  • Texture over color – The bold use of colors in small spaces can trigger restless energy. When designing a bedroom, it’s best you focus on tactile design and a neutral color pallet.

What is the Best Way to Arrange a Small Bedroom?

If you have a seriously small bedroom in which you want to incorporate different functions, you need to be really mindful of layout and proportions. One unspoken rule I learned from one of my architecture lecturers is that when you’re designing a small space you must seek symmetry. If your bedroom has low ceilings, opt for low furniture with a minimalist design. Inversely, if your bedroom has high ceilings make the most of your vertical space and create levels. Let’s see how this translates into interior design solutions!

Clever Vertical Multifunctional Design Solution

over bed hidden built in storage mirror closet arrangement ideas small bedroom layout


Credits: ketchupinterior

There are a few elements worth unpacking in this brilliant small bedroom design. Firstly, we have the wood slat wall panels behind the bed that extend all the way up to the ceiling. This way we’re creating a designated sleeping nook. By doing that your brain will subconsciously separate the day and night activities you perform in the bedroom and allow you to get a healthy night’s sleep. The second clever installment in this bedroom is the over-bed built-in storage. It’s perfectly hidden within the wood panel and saves you a lot of floor space! This design solution gives your room a clean and minimalist appearance without overcrowding the area. The last element I want to draw your attention to is the mirrored closet. What’s tricky about mirrors is that they take up either a lot of wall space, floor space, or both! The mirrored closet saves you space and also makes your room appear much bigger! It’s a win-win!

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Utilizing Space in a Small Bedroom with Twin Beds

utilizing space small bedroom twin beds clever storage solutins

Credits: ketchupdesign

Designing a small bedroom with twin beds is quite tricky. Storage is of utmost importance, as well as having enough room for playing, studying, and other activities. Another factor to weigh in is the child’s need for privacy. Instead of crowding the room with cupboards and different types of shelves, opt for under-bed storage. The pull-out shelves are perfect for storing toys, art supplies, towels, and bedding. To create some privacy, arrange the beds opposite one another and place the wardrobe in between as a divider. That way you’re going to open plenty of floor space for your kids to play on!

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Save Space with a Daybed

ikea foldable daybed metal stainless steel frame arrange small room layout solutions

Credits: Ikea

This foldable daybed is ideal for a guest room, a kid’s room, or even just a really small bedroom. During the day it can be used as a sofa which opens up a lot of space for activities in the room. In the evening, you simply pull out the bed base, and you have a comfortable full-size bed!

Folding Desk for a Small Work Corner

drop leaf table desk small bedroom arrangement space saving layout ideas

Credits: Ikea

Folding desks are a brilliant solution if you need a workstation in your small bedroom. When folded, they barely take up any space as they are wall-mounted. I’ve been using this particular drop-leaf table from Ikea for a couple of years now, and it’s one of the best items I’ve ever bought! It’s a great size, it’s sturdy and easy to clean. The sleek minimal design makes it fit seamlessly in almost any interior aesthetic!

No Space for a Closet? – Get a Clothing Rack

clothing rack storage boxes small bedroom organization ideas

Having a big Carrie Bradshaw-esque closet is (almost) every girl’s dream! Unfortunately, we all have to start somewhere and closets and small bedrooms simply can’t exist in the same sentence! Unfortunately, wardrobes and cupboards take up a lot of space, too. Especially if your room has low ceilings, they can enclose the space even more! This is where clothing racks come in handy! There are many different variations to choose from – wall-mounted, standing, and even ceiling-hanging ones! Depending on how you arrange it you can even make it a focal point of your space!

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More Creative Ways to Arrange a Small Bedroom

diy under bed storage boxes small bedroom design ideas arrangement tips

Rattan Storage Boxes Double as Seaters

rattan box storage solution small bedroom arrangement ideas minimalist boho design

Platform Bed Storage Ideas for Rooms with High Ceilings

bed platform storage ideas small bedroom arrangement layout ideas

Built-In Vanity with Shelves and Hanging Mirror

built in vanity small bedroom arrangement ideas all white wooden interior

Headboard Pull Out Shelves 

headboard pull out shelves small bedroom storage solutions

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