Autumn Outfit Ideas 2023: 15 Capsule Wardrobe Looks That Make Chic and Cozy Seem Like a Child’s Play!

by Stephanie Yankova

As the days are getting shorter and the cold wind is slowly starting to creep in, we’re beginning to whip out some of our fall fashion pieces. While we still have a month left until autumn officially commences, it’s never too late to hop on this upcoming season’s fashion trends! What are we going to leave behind, and what’s the one piece of clothing EVERYONE should add to their closet this fall? Spruce up your cozy weather attire with these autumn outfit ideas I personally can’t wait to explore in 2023!

long trench coat autumn outfit ideas 2023 fall fashion trends

What are the Fashion Trends for Autumn 2023?

If there is one thing we should remember 2023 for in the world of fashion, it’s the revival of the 90s. The “old money” aesthetic phenomenon skyrocketed and completely changed the trajectory of casual dressing. Pieces of clothing such as suits, loafers, linen shirts, and silk dresses, which were once perceived as formal attire, can now be seen casually worn in an everyday street-style manner. This elevated way of dressing intertwined with more sporty elements is going to be a prominent theme this fall. The color palette remains rather neutral with subtle pops of color introduced mostly through accessories. In terms of outerwear, long oversized trench coats and capes are set to be a huge trend that everyone is welcome to explore. Combining tailored pieces, basics, and standout accessories is the formula for success for fall 2023.

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Autumn Outfit Ideas 2023

baggy beige two piece suit converse sneakers chanel crossbody bag elegant casual fall outfit


You can never go wrong with a two-piece baggy suit, a pair of sneakers, and an elegant leather bag! When it comes to building a seasonal capsule wardrobe, a beige suit is something that you incorporate into your everyday style regardless of the weather. There are numerous ways to style the pants and the blazer on their own, or you can go for a business casual look by wearing the two together. If you want to elevate this look you can style it with a pair of stilettos. Or if you want to have a more dressed-down casual appearance, you can pair them with classic Converse sneakers. What’s really going to bring your outfit together is your bag of choice. I personally think that leather bags have this incredibly alluring and versatile flair that gives you a little zhuzh even if you’re wearing a more sporty outfit.

Casual & Comfy Long Skirt and Sweater Fall Outfit

old money striped sweater white tee long straight navy skirt scrunched socks new balance sneakers 2023 casual fall outfit ideas

Long skirts have been an obsession of mine this year! They are the perfect transitional weather clothing piece that’s so feminine and elegant and can be styled for any weather and occasion! For an everyday effortless look, you can simply pair it with some sneakers, white scrunched socks, a basic white tee, and your favorite baggy sweater on top. It’s comfy, it’s trendy, and you can wear it anywhere from the office to brunch and even a casual date night!

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Monochromatic Fall Office Look

all black prada loafers tights long asymmetrical skirt cashmere sweater leather handbag autumn 2023 outfit ideas

Not everyone likes or feels comfortable experimenting with colors in their closet, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t build a stylish monochromatic look! When you’re wearing clothes of the same color or shade, what’s going to bring some character into your outfit is the use of different fabrics. Here we have a simple cashmere sweater tucked in a high-waisted asymmetrical cotton blend long skirt. They’re both black, however, the material they’re made of and the interesting silhouette of the skirt create a beautiful distinction that elevates your look. Loafers in any type of leather are a great piece to add to your capsule wardrobe, as well. They’re comfortable, timeless, and chic in their own unique way. Now, because we have a matte finish vegan leather handbag, the glossy patent leather loafers are a perfect touch that stands out and brings together the whole outfit.

90s-Inspired Autumn Look for All Ages

grece gahnem copenhagen fashion week 2023 autumn outfit ideas bermuda shorts denim jacket knitted sweater clogs

Grece Ghanem has cemented her position as the ultimate all-age fashion icon! During the Copenhagen Fashion Week, she debuted this incredible outfit that highlights 3 of the biggest trends of the season – denim, Bermuda shorts, and clogs! I know that people are probably going to have polarizing opinions about these trends, but you need to be prepared because the hard-hitting 90s are here to stay! The bottom line is comfort and versatility. There are hundreds of modern variations of the clogs and thanks to their unique design they can easily elevate even the most simple of outfits. Tailored Bermuda shorts are another fun spin on the classic 90s oversized suit. Instead of the high-waisted straight pants, you can pair your blazer with the comfy baggy knee-length shorts. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I believe that denim can be styled with *almost* anything! Especially if you’re staying within the same color scheme, a denim jacket can really bring some edge and effortless cool to your look!

More Fall Outfit Ideas to Try in 2023

baggy wide leg black pants emerald green sweatshirt white tee leather blazer street style casual autumn 2023 outft ideas

A Classic Layered 90s-Inspired Autumn Look

90s inspired fall 2023 outfit baggy straight high waisted jeans sweater tshirt long vest

Edgy Autumn Everyday Outfit Elevated with an Accent Cobalt Blue Leather Bag

dr martens jadon boots long black skirt white tshirt knited oversized beige red cardigan blue leather crossbody bag autumn outfit ideas 2023

“Old Money” Autumn 2023 Outfit

casual fall outfit 2023 straight blue jeans white shirt green sweater nike cortez

Elegant Pleated Skirt Paired with an Animal Print Shirt and Classic Trench Coat 

autumn outfit ideas 2023 trench coat pleated skirt animal print shirt berret lace up boots

“Quiet Luxury” Back to the Office Fall Outfit

old money fall outfit idea tailored beighe high waisted pants loafers black baggy sweatshirt crossbody bag

A Metallic Skirt Paired with a Baggy Knitted Sweater and Accent Emerald Green Bag

knitted sweater silver metallic long skirt new balance sneakers green handbag scrunched socks layered gold necklaces autumn outfit ideas 2023

Minimalist Monochromatic Beige Fall Outfit Elevated with Black Leather Loafers

beige fall outfit wool tailored pants sweater black leather loafers scarf monochromatic autumn look 2023

Vest Suit Paired with a Long Trench Coat, Chunky Velvet Boots and a Beret

tailored baggy high wasited pants vest berret platform dr martens boots long trench coat autumn 2023 outfit ideas

Long Button-Up Shirt Dress Styled with a Tartan Blazer, Stilettos, and a Structured Leather Bag

long button up shirt dress tartan blazer pointed heels leather handbag autumn office outfit ideas 2023

Trendy Long Trench Coat with Long Skirt, Open Heel Clogs and Contrasting Accent Socks

long trench coat beige maxi skirt pink gucci socks clogs clossbody bag satin scarf fall outfit ideas 2023 copenhagen fashion week


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