2023 Best Jeans for 70 Year Old Woman Based on Your Body Type

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Is there anyone who thinks that women over 70 can’t be fashionable? I didn’t think so! Women can wear what makes them confident and chic at any age, and today we are going to prove that! What are the best jeans for a 70-year-old woman, based on body type? What are the materials and patterns to wear in 2023?

Best Jeans for 70 Year Old Woman: Find The ONE, Based on Your Body Type

best jeans for 70 year old women fashion based on body type materials patterns

We are women, so it is normal that we are still into fashion trends. I always like to point out that there are no rules in fashion and even at 70 you can dress however you want. Dressing well and liking yourself will definitely affect the way you look and your confidence. Today we’re going to talk about the best jeans based on body type and which exact fabrics are suitable for 2023. Do we have to take into consideration how a piece of clothing fits us? Yes, because our body can look much better and in good shape, or vice versa if the garment is not for us. Especially when it comes to jeans, things can look particularly tricky. But worry not! Let’s distinguish your body type first, and then let’s talk about JEANS!

What Are The Main Body Types?

different body types how to choose jeans


I know that when you are 70, you probably already know your body type. However, at a certain age, it can change a bit and that’s completely normal. There are 5 main body types: reverse triangle, rectangle, pear, hourglass and apple shapes.

  • Reverse triangle: wide shoulders and tiny waist, slim legs
  • Rectangle: the shoulders and the waist are the same size
  • Pear: tiny shoulders and bigger hips
  • Hourglass: the hips and the shoulders are the same size, usually the waist is tiny
  • Apple: rounder body, normally includes bigger belly

What Are The Best Jeans for Women Over 70?

Is there a pair of jeans that applies to the rule “one fits all”? The best jeans for women over 70 are the wide leg jeans, according to fashion specialist. The wide leg jeans fit almost every body type. Normally they are also high-waisted, which means they provide the needed support. The wide leg models are even a good choice for plus size women over 70. Choose lighter materials, which will feel comfortable on your body and it will be easier to wear it. Avoid jeans that have patterns, since it can make you look wider, if you have bigger hips or a belly.

best jeans for women over 70 based on body type wide leg fashion tips

Should a 70 Year Old Woman Wear Skinny Jeans?

If you’re 70 and wondering if skinny jeans are right for your figure and age, you’ve come to the right place. If we’re being honest and basing our answer on body type alone, then women with an hourglass and pear shape can wear the cigarette jeans proudly. They will definitely rejuvenate you and make you feel youthful again. We advise women who have other body shapes to avoid them as they can highlight your imperfections.

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skinny jeans for women over 70 based on body type

High-Waisted Jeans for Women Over 70 Based on Body Type

high waisted jeans for women over 70 based on body type

If you want to look good in jeans over 70, definitely aim for a high-waisted model. Not only will it give you the support you need, but it will also hide the excess fat around your belly that usually comes with age. Our only advice is to opt for straight-leg or wide-leg jeans. If you are an inverted triangle shape, then the wide leg will balance it out. For women with a rectangular shape, a high waist will make you look stunning and a wide leg will make your shoulders look smaller.

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Straight Leg Jeans for 70 Year Old Woman According to Body Shape

straight leg jeans for 70 year old woman according to body shape type fashion tips

Should seniors wear straight leg jeans? If you want to be in sync with the fashion trends, yes! But, first you have to know your body type as we mentioned above. Avoid wearing straight leg jeans if you have an inverted triangle body shape, or rectangle. If you are not one of these women, then you can wear this type of jeans proudly. When it comes to materials, choose something stretchy and light, if you want more room for your thighs.

Boyfriend Jeans for Older Ladies

best jeans for seniors 70 year old woman 2023 based on body type ideas

Let’s adapt a fashionable look in 2023! Boyfriend jeans are a total hit right now, not only because of their silhouette, but because they are super easy to wear. One of the most comfortable model out there, these jeans will make you look fabulous. This is the pair that also suits almost every body shape and will flatter you, instead of highlighting the imperfections. As we mentioned above, aim for a stretchy fabric so you have more room for your thighs. If you want a slim effect, simply opt for a darker denim material. This will create the illusion of a slimmer figure.

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What Jeans to AVOID Wearing for Women Over 70?

No matter the body type, ripped jeans with patches should be avoided at all costs by women in their 70s. We can definitely say they are a bold choice, but with bold choices come flaunting imperfections. Not only are they not very good for your height, but they will also show off the imperfections on your legs. And they create the illusion of an unkept look.

what jeans to avoid wearing for women over 70 seniors fashion tips body type shape


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