What Shouldn’t Be Stored in the Attic? Why Take Precautions?

by Kristiyana

The mysteries of the attic! Who hasn’t had fun looking for treasures in the attic as a child? What goes in the attic and what doesn’t? You won’t believe it!

From the cellar to the attic! If we were to use this expression to describe our daily lives, it would be exactly like a parallel universe, with all the necessary and out-of-use objects that are always by our side. Storage areas need to be periodically overhauled and cleaned. That’s why sorting is essential. What shouldn’t be stored in the attic? A question that seems less important than it actually is. Let’s go up to our attics!

What Shouldn’t Be Stored in the Attic? Why or Why Not?

what shouldn't be stored in the attic what can be stored in a hot attic

The dining table has become cumbersome. A brand-new one will go perfectly with the sofa, right? The toaster has broken down. Instead of repairing it, you buy a brand-new one. You’ve bleached the plastic chairs, but summer’s waning, and they’ll be tucked away again in anticipation of the next one to come. Without even realizing it, you pile up objects and knick-knacks until they start to get in your way. Why should you have a garage sale every now and then, and what shouldn’t be stored in the attic? If this seems like a strange and superfluous question, we’ll tell you if it’s okay to put anything there.

What goes in the attic? Is it the ideal place for temporary or permanent storage of out-of-use items?

What’s Special About Attics: Can You Store Anything in Them?

how to store things in attic things to never store in attic


It’s a real boon to have a house with a cellar and attic. Real estate agencies have a large repertoire of these, as searches revolve around garage, pool and storage spaces. While the garage and cellar are dedicated to specific objects, the attic is used to store anything that is rarely used or stays away for a long time. But weather conditions have the last word. Fluctuating temperatures can damage stored objects and even cause a fire if flammable items are piled up in the attic. Whether they’ve been fitted out as a bedroom or have been dusty for years, their use must be taken into account.

What Shouldn’t Be Stored in the Attic?

can you store anything in the attic what shouldn't be stored in the attic

In principle, almost anything can be stored in the attic if it’s safely kept. That is, in containers. Books and photo albums, for example, need to be stored in metal boxes to keep them in good condition and prevent them from catching fire. It’s not just the risk of fire, but also of dampness that threatens out-of-date paper and clothing. Find out about garage sales that take place in communes and neighbourhoods to get rid of superfluous items. Clearing out the clutter in your home and in your storage areas will do you a world of good. The attic is often home to wooden or metal furniture. The former can be affected by damp and vermin, and the latter by rust. So, if you’ve stored the beds of your grown-up children, don’t be sentimental and offer them at a modest price to someone who’ll have an interest in them. You’ll be a double winner: doing some good and making a bit of money. The same goes for your great-grandmother’s antique swing chair.

Electronic devices are highly vulnerable to heat, and their plastic parts can melt. Decide between your CD player, the old computer or an old microwave oven. The dilemma of keep or toss is a difficult one. You need another plan for the old VCR and the home videos that keep the family memory alive. Digitization is a good idea. Don’t delay!

Don’t use the attic as a pantry! On the one hand, it’s hot in summer, and cold in winter, and on the other, it attracts pests.

Did you know that cockroaches and other insects are attracted not only by food, but also by the glue in book bindings? Building more storage space in the study, or keeping books in well-insulated safes, is what it takes to keep them in good condition.

What to Do with Chemicals? Where to Store Them?

what should you not put in your attic what shouldn't be stored in the attic

We agree that dangerous products should be kept out of children’s reach. But is the attic the best place to store them? In the heat, cleaners and detergents become deteriorable and some even flammable. So it’s best to store chemicals in the cellar or garage, but in lockable boxes.

What Goes in the Attic? What Can Be Stored There?

how to protect things in attic how to store clothes in hot attic

Which items are good candidates for attic storage? Should you pack them in a particular way? You can store vacation decorations, party items, camping gear, sports equipment, kitchen items such as pots and pans, ceramic plates and ware, toys.

The best way to store items in your attic is to buy super-strong, acid-free plastic storage bins. Make sure the lids are well sealed to prevent dust from accumulating and to keep bugs away. And don’t forget to label the bins so that everything is clearly visible and easily accessible.


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