10 Best Small Studio Apartment Storage Ideas & Hacks

by Kristiyana

How do you organize a small studio apartment? What to do when you have little storage space? The best small studio apartment storage ideas and hacks for optimizing your space to the max! 

The Best Small Studio Apartment Storage Ideas & Hacks

small studio apartment storage ideas how do you organize a small studio apartment

Living in a small studio apartment can often create obstacles for you when it comes to storage. Your home might have had enough space when you first moved in, but with time you’ve collected a lot more items that now you can’t find space for. Sounds familiar? If this is you, don’t worry, as you’ve come just to the right place. As someone who’s been living in a small studio apartment for years, over time I’ve discovered a lot of useful tips and tricks for optimising storage space and creating new as well. Want to learn all about my little secrets? Here they are!

How to Create More Storage Space in the Kitchen Area?

apartment storage ideas on a budget small kitchen storage ideas


Lack kitchen space? I hear ya. It’s important to keep our kitchen area neat and organized as this is the place where we cook, eat, wash dishes, etc. Having a cramped kitchen can often be annoying and stressful. How to organize it better? Use stackable food containers to store crackers, cereal, spices and what ever else you feel like. Place these in your cabinets or small pantry.

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Small Studio Apartment Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

bathroom storage ideas small bathroom storage ideas

What useful storage ideas for small bathrooms can you try? For a bathroom with limited space, use a tiered corner shower caddy to place all your showering items. This idea doesn’t require any drilling, and you can easily attach the caddy to the bathroom tile. Or you can hang baskets where you can place bathroom utensils.

Hanging Cleaning Items on the Wall to Open Up Space

hanging cleaning tools small studio apartment storage ideas

Cleaning items like brooms, mops and vacuums take up a lot of space. One way you can store them in a small studio apartment is to mount them to the wall of a closet. This will not only store them away neatly, but also make them more accessible and open up more space in your home.

Storage Room Dividers for Small Studio Apartments

apartment storage ideas on a budget organizer for small apartments

When you live in a small studio apartment, a storage room divider can be of great practical use. Such section off your home into separate living zones and can be used for storage as well. Use a crate storage divider to neatly organize items such as shoes, books, fitness tools, and what ever else you feel like.

Multipurpose Over-the-Door Storage Rack Hack

pantry door storage hack clever storage ideas for small apartments

Another way you can instantly create more space in your small studio apartment on a budget, is to install an over-the-door storage rack. One with tiered shelves can be used for multiple purposes, from storing bathrooms items, or makeup kits, to being used in the kitchen for spices and non-refrigerated items.

Clever Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen Space

small kitchen storage ideas small apartment storage hacks

In need of more storage hacks for organizing your kitchen space? While a sprawling island might be too big for your studio apartment, a small kitchen cart can be of great practical use. It doesn’t take up too much room, and you can place baskets where you can store what ever items you feel like.

How to Organize Clothes in a Small Studio Apartment?

small apartment storage hacks clothing storage hack

I remember when I first moved into my small studio apartment and instantly thought to myself, “How am I going to fit all my clothes in here?”. Hanging racks with wheels, that’s how! Not only is this storage hack budget-friendly, but it also adds a Boho vibe to your home and is super practical as you can easily move the rack around when you need to.

How to Cleverly Use Empty Open Spaces for Storage?

under bed storage ideas apartment storage ideas on a budget

When it comes to storing items in a small studio apartment every inch of your place matters. Put into use empty spaces like the one under your bed to store away your possessions. You can get an organizer with narrow bins or baskets that can easily be placed under the bed. Better to opt for ones with zipped lids to keep the contests inside dust-free.

Furniture with Underneath Storage Compartments

secret space under sofa for storage small studio apartment storage ideas

I love that my landlord furnished my small studio apartment with furniture with storage compartments underneath. This makes organizing my possessions so much easier! You can even double up the storing effect by placing organizers and baskets to store items. I fill mine with utilities that I have little use for, like notes from my student years and old books.

The Best Way to Store Shoes, Handbags and Accessories

storage ideas for shoes and handbags how to organize a small apartment with no storage

One of the most wide-known and useful tips for storing shoes is to display them on shelves. You can get a shoe rack build just for this purpose, or even store your shoes on bookshelves. Make sure it’s one that doesn’t take up too much space, yet has plenty for storing your leather shoes, sandals and heels. A pretty rack like this one can even hold your handbags and other accessories.


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