Autumn skin care – how to prepare the body for the cold winter period?

by Kremy

autumn skincare basic rules to follow to protect lips hands and feet

Autumn is not the best time for skin. After the summer, the skin is dehydrated, often suntanned, so from mid-September we need to start thinking how to prepare it for the cold months. Autumn skin care does not require a lot of efforts yet you need to revise your cosmetic products. Creams, balms and protection that you used during the hot summer days are no longer relevant.

rules and procedures for beautiful skin in cold months


When seasons change, the weather also changes, sometimes dramatically and our skin has to cope with completely different conditions. Yes, autumn is a special time of the year and most often we think of rich colors, holidays, Thanksgiving. However, skin care in the fall should also be special. It needs more than ever gentle cleansing and enhanced nutrition so that cold, winds, chilly rains and dry indoor air do not affect our beauty. What do you need to do? We shall tell you how you should change your daily routine and what are the best products and natural ingredients that will be beneficial not only to your face, but to your hands and feet as well.

Autumn skin care – basic rules and procedures to follow

in autumn skin needs special care what to do to keep it healthy and smooth

Hardly any woman doubts that in autumn skin really needs special care. It is true, that really cold weather and frost begin in mid-November, but by that time we should have taken care to prevent problems. Typically, the main skin problems are the result of high temperatures and active sun, summer vacation and sun exposure. The skin is especially sensitive and susceptible to the slightest impact of the external environment. This means that autumn skin care should be aimed at restoring its good condition and health.

Have a look at your dressing table, remove all summer cosmetics and replace them with those that are intended for autumn care. Proper moisturizing, nutrition, exfoliation, cleansing, sun protection, recovery – this is what the goal is! Let us see how to do that!

Autumn skin care – Rule 1 Sun protection

do you need sun protection in autumn

Sun protection does not lose relevance. Despite the fact that sun activity in autumn is not the same as in summer, you can reduce the degree of protection against ultraviolet rays, but you can not completely forget about it. Type A ultraviolet rays penetrate through the clouds at any time of the year. Those, whose skin is is hypersensitive, prone to pigmentation, freckles, etc. should always use sunscreen with SPF. In the fall, the protection factor can be reduced to 15-20.

Rule 2 – Balanced diet

healthy lifestyle and balanced diet for beautiful skin


The harder the weather, the less daylight hours and the less fresh vegetables and fruits, the more the body needs to vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, you should try to balance your diet in such a way that it contains all the necessary vitamins, as well as help your skin a little with special enriched creams, serums and nourishing masks. A balanced diet with enough vegetables and fruits provides the necessary amount of nutrients. If it seems that the body is missing something, do not rush to the pharmacy. Usually, this is the period when the body suffers vitamin D deficiency which is due to the less amount of sun. In the autumn, you can enrich your diet with either appropriate products or supplements containing this vitamin. Various vegetable oils – olive, sesame, almond, black cumin oil should be present in your daily menu. Another great supplier of vitamins, high-quality vegetable oils and powerful antioxidants can be avocados.

Rule 3 – Maintain proper moisture levels

moisturizing and nutrition are essential for facial skin

Moisturizing and nutrition should come first. The weather is not as hot as in summer which means you can look at creams with denser textures. In addition, it is worth thinking in advance about the approaching winter. Many people neglect this procedure and do not apply a moisturizer on their skin. They are either too tired in the evening and in the morning haste skin care is the last thing on their mind. Nevertheless, hydration is important especially if you are not using oil-based products for the shower, but classic ones containing sulfates. Understanding that this procedure is an element of self-care is essential. In the summer, under the scorching rays of the sun, no one forgets this rule, but in the autumn, the need of regular hydration is somehow overlooked.

apply face masks to nourish and moisturize the skin

One of the most effective ways to moisturize the skin is to use creams which contain hyaluronic acid as they moisturize the deep layers of the skin. If the cream is not enough, then you can choose a special serum in addition to it. Apply masks to your face twice a week – either homemade, made from natural ingredients, or store bought products. Masks with coconut oil, as well as sour cream, honey and oatmeal have a great effect on the skin. Be careful not to shower with hot water. A warm bath is not only considered a great way to relax, but, as some experts say, is good for health. It improves blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, helps relieve symptoms of cold and promotes healthy sleep. It will be very good if you add a moisturizer to the bath Again, make sure that the water is not too hot but warm.

Rule 4 – Choose proper cleansing

Autumn skin care prepare the body for the cold season

You need to be more careful with cleansers and change them during autumn. Alcohol containing tonics and lotions, which helped you removing oily sheen in the summer and dried the skin, will no longer be useful. In the autumn period, the activity of the sebaceous glands is much less, so cleansing should be milder. It is recommended to use products with light creamy textures like foams or mousses for washing and milk for removing makeup. If you have dry and sensitive skin, look for oil-based products. They will not only wash dirt off the face well, but also additionally protect the skin from drying out.

Rule 5 – Exfoliation

exfoliation and cleaning face scrub rules for skin care

Like the skin of the face, the skin of the body needs regular exfoliation. Peeling and scrubbing which should be avoided in the summer are recommended autumn skin care procedures. In summer, when solar activity is high, such aggressive procedures can provoke pigmentation and other effects resulting from direct sunlight exposure. In the cool months the process of natural skin renewal slows down and this is the reason why the skin becomes lifeless, uneven and dry. You can activate the process using products containing fruit acids that gently exfoliate normal and dry skin. For a milder effect, you can pay attention to two-phase peelings with acids and oils. Salicylic acid works well on acne and inflammation. Choose scrubs containing natural products like salt, sugar, chopped nutshells, coffee or fruit pits. The frequency of exfoliation must be selected individually, but experts usually recommend two to three times a week and for sensitive skin – once a week.

Rule 5 – Monitor indoor air

skin care tips humidifier for indoor air quality

As soon as the heating season begins, the indoor air becomes deadly dry. Central heating and heating appliances inevitably dry the air which results in skin dehydration. This problem will be relevant throughout the heating season. What can you do? A humidifier will help in this situation. The market offers different models, from compact budget devices to luxurious designer models that can be used as a decoration of the interior. A very simple method is to place containers with water around the house. Indoor plants also help for improving indoor air.

Rule 6 – Protect capillaries

Protect capillaries in autumn and winter

Cold and piercing wind and sudden changes in temperature when we enter into a warm room from a cold street provoke an unpleasant skin reaction – expansion of capillaries. You feel a burning sensation on the face and what you can do is buy a protective cream against frost. Special anti-age cosmetic products will help protect and strengthen capillaries.

Autumn skin care tips to protect lips, hands and feet

apply cream on hands during cold season

Lip skin protection is just as important as face skin protection during autumn. In the cold season, the skin of the lips needs the same protection as the skin of the face, so do not neglect that! Look for a good nourishing lip balm – preferably, oil-based.

Autumn skin care should include hands and feet as well, not only face and lips. Exfoliate your heels regularly and apply a nourishing cream before bedtime. The skin of the hands often suffers in the cold season, especially if you do not wear gloves. Keep a hand cream in your handbags or in a place near the the computer so that you do not forget to use it. Of course, you need to remember that the skin needs to be moisturized after each wash.

how to take care for your skin in autumn

Hopefully these autumn skin care tips will be of help to you. Follow these simple rules to maintain beautiful, moisturized, and most importantly – healthy skin!




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