Balcony privacy protection – ideas with wood, plants and awnings

privacy protection balcony great folding screen balcony plants

Balconies are intended to give apartment dwellers an additional living space, fresh air and, for some lucky people, a beautiful view. One of the drawbacks of the apartment is the limited privacy. While you are enjoying the sun on the balcony, you may feel exposed. In most cases, each neighbor can look at your terrace, so you will need some balcony privacy protection. There are several options which include wooden structures, plants for screening and climbing plants.

Balcony privacy protection – Dense screen made of plants

balcony privacy protection wooden lattice roof deck

High plants on the terrace add a visually interesting appearance as well as provide the balcony privacy protection. Do not buy the tallest plants. Instead, choose plants that you can watch grow and enjoy them. They must vary in size, so you arrange the higher plants in the first place, so that they may block the view of neighbors partially. You might want to add some hanging plants too.

Balcony privacy protection – Awnings, blinds and sunshades

privacy protection balcony awning blinds sunshades

Balcony railings are not much taller than waist height generally. However, panels can offer some balcony privacy protection, when the residents can relax in a comfortable chair. Simple curtains can be hung with rods or hooks and removed for cleaning when needed. Fabrics allow you to enjoy the view while the terrace is protected from prying eyes. Dense curtains would block the views of the neighbors, but they can also block the light and the view from the inside.

Privacy screen

balcony privacy protection white wooden fence panel

A screen on the terrace offers a degree of privacy as well as a decorative touch to your outdoor space. Outdoor partitions can be found in a wide range of materials, shapes and colors.

Awnings and plants protect the privacy

balcony privacy protection plants awnings sea theme

Lush vegetation and metal furniture

balcony privacy protection metal railings creeper

Wooden railings and plants

balcony privacy protection green dense plants

Concrete planters and high plants

privacy protection balcony high plants flowerpots

Wooden screen

wooden lattice balcony privacy protection sofa lanterns

 Red doors

privacy protection balcony rich plants roses railing

 Green plants privacy screen

balcony privacy ideas plant surrounded sunbed

Privacy ideas for outdoors

privacy protection ideas low chair balcony plants

privacy protection balcony balcony plants parasol railings

balcony privacy protection poster bed wooden construction

balcony ideas privacy protection glass roof


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