New life for the old bicycle – 25 upcycling ideas with bicycle parts

by Kremy

Upcycling ideas with bicycle parts desk lamp industrial look

When you recycle, you take care of the environment! “Green Life” is such a common term today. The upcycling concept appeals to us very well. We can find a second use for almost each individual object, and some of them are really awesome! Upcycling is an important component of modern waste reduction, let us behave according to the trend! Upcycling ideas with bicycle parts!

25 upcycling ideas with bicycle parts

Upcycling ideas with bicycle parts pendant lamp design


After we showed you how to use second-hand furniture as garden decorations, we decided to give some great upcycling ideas with bicycle parts. Turn the old bike into something beautiful and useful. You can put it in the garden and decorate it with pots of flowers or you can use it to support a sink in the bathroom. A stunning chandelier is easily created if you know how to arrange a bicycle chain. A diffused light will beautify the room. Check out our gallery and choose what best fits to your house. Perhaps you will find a cheap solution for your home decorating.

Upcycling ideas with bicycle parts wall clock

 Cool candle holder

Recycled bycicle parts DIY candle holder ideas

 Creative upcycling ideas

creative upcycling ideas recycled bicycle parts clothes hanger


 Wall decor ideas

 wall deco cards holder

 Creative upcycling ideas with bicycle parts

 with bicycle parts desk glass top

 Sink in the bathroom

vintage bathroom sink bike parts

Postcards between the spokes

postcards from spokes

Hang kitchen utensils

bicycle parts kitchenware

Original coffee table

coffee table glass top home Upcycling Ideas with bicycle parts

 Chandelier or decoration with crystals


Garden decorations – decorate a bicycle with flowers

garden decoration ideas upcycling

Chandelier from chains

chandelier bicycle parts chains Upcyclig Ideas

Board on the breakfast table

breakfast table board

Original lighting fixture from bicycle tires

original chandelier ceiling

Bench of rims and tires

original bench base rims tires

Clothes stand from bicycle parts

clothes stand

Kid bicycle as a coffee table

 kids bicycle table glass top

Wall clock

watches with bicycle parts

Bicycle chains as a candle holder

chain candle holders tea candles

Use the old bike again

 parts clothes stand craft

Iron garden gates

 iron garden gate

 frame mirror shell

Upcyclig Ideas with chain




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