Finding the best bunk beds for kids – an enjoyable task

by Kremy

children room beach style design

Bunk beds for kids are coming as a trendy fashion style. You can either have them custom made or buy them in a store. Bunk beds design is unlimited and you may like either urban clean design, a playground style or a more romantic mountain vision. Whichever way you decide to go – your kids would love it!

However, make sure you have asked yourselves the following questions:

Which one is the best bunk beds for kids?

children room red orange white


The answer to this would come to you naturally if you take into consideration the age of your children.  The best looking ones are not always the best bunk beds for kids, especially if they are not old enough. You have to think about the way they will climb the ladder and put their safety first. Test the way the ladder is moving, the way it is adjusted to beds or go for a model with stairs.  Playground designed bunk beds are always a good idea for smaller kids.

The best bunk beds for kids – great idea, but do we have a big enough space?

children room white design

The idea of having bunk beds for the kids may appeal a lot to parents, especially living in urban environments. It is common knowledge that they save space and can be used as a storage space as well. Of course, you have to make sure beds do not obstruct the movement around the room or the natural light sources. Careful measurement is essential when we decide on the type of bed. Of course, the bigger the bedroom the better options we have but if the space is not big enough this would be an issue.

The best bunk beds for kids – what type to chose?

children room modern urban style green wardrobe

There is not one answer to this. It would always depend on whether you chose beds for boys or girls, little kids or teenagers. You may want to have a whole ensemble of bed with desk or closet or, depending on room size, triple bunk beds or four bunk beds in the same bedroom. Instead of having both beds point the same direction, you may want to place them perpendicular to one another.
Do not be afraid of colours. Some colour splashes will create a completely different atmosphere in the bedroom. Colourful walls or cushions, bed linen or toppers – they will all bring a feeling of ease and joy to any room. Whatever you chose – the best bunk beds for kids should always give you the comfort of safety, colour and cosiness.

Creative use of space

creative space children room white blue


Four Mountain Style

Mountain Style children room hush color Cover

Colourful carpet and palm walls

children room letter cubes walls

 Optimising the storage space

children room forest theme white drawers

Multicolour accents

Four bunk beds for kids stairs multicolour linen

Purple shades design accent

bunk beds for kids purple design

Blue play house tent style children room play house tent style

children room marine style

White and beige design

children room ladder white beige

Colourful storage place children room colourful rug storage place

Wooden playhouse design

children room carribean play house

Blue bed multicolour storage space

children room blue ladder multicolor accents

 and a matching desk 

Blue cream boys room desk container

Purple shades design

children room colourful purple






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