Best Mosquito Repellent: 5 Effective and Natural Methods to Try This Season

by Radost P.

When the weather finally starts to get warmer, it is time to light a barbecue in the garden and make a party outside. After all, who doesn’t love the experience of gathering your favourite people in one place? Unfortunately, some uninvited guests might also show up, and so we should take preventive measures if we aim to avoid them. This is extra important if you happen to be allergic to mosquitoes. No worries, though, we got you. There are proven and effective ways to deal with this annoying insect. If you want to know about the best mosquito repellent, just keep on reading this article. We have some ideas that may help you!

How to Repel Mosquitoes: 5 Tested and Effective Ways to Keep Them Away

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Back in the days, people were desperately trying to find solutions that can help repel insects. Fortunately, we now have a lot more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Here is something that might surprise you – there are natural plants that can effectively repel mosquitoes. You probably have at least one of them already in your garden. So, if you are a fan of natural remedies, the sprays that contain DEET aren’t the only option for you. Make sure, before using a particular plant, that you are not allergic to it so that you can avoid potential health issues. If you are curious about the natural alternatives, keep reading. Below, you can find mosquito repellent plants that will help you get rid of the annoying insect fast.

Insect Repellent with Grassy Smell

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This plant is called lemon grass, and it can work in the form of oil, spray, or cream. According to experts, to get the best possible effect, you should reapply the solution every 30 min for a few times. It is not exactly clear how mosquitoes feel about lemon grass, but it definitely repels them. One study even showed that this plant can kill the insect if it is exposed in high concentration.

Best Mosquito Repellent – Fresh Plant with a Distinct Smell

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So, this mysterious plant is called lavender, and it has a scent that is proven to repel many kinds of insects, including mosquitoes. You can use it either fresh or dry the flower. Then, depending on your goal, you have two alternatives – to put the plant in your home or in your clothing. Check out tips on using lavender oil the right way. Studies have shown that the scent of a lavender flower has the same effect on mosquitoes as DEET.

Reliable and Easy-to-Grow Plant that Cats Love

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Catnip is a member of the Mint family and is one of the best natural mosquito repellents. The great thing is that you can grow it in your garden or even in a pot. If you happen to have a cat, you have probably noticed that the animal is intoxicated by this plant. In fact, by chewing it, cats help the plant to emit higher concentration in the air. The effect is that certain chemicals are released which repel insects.

A Calming Herb From the Mint Family

lemon balm for repelling mosquitoes how to prevent mosquitoes from showing up in your garden

A lemon balm contains one main ingredient that is known to repel mosquitoes – this is citronella. So, except for making a delicious tea, you can also experiment with using this plant for the purpose of avoiding insects. Although you can grow the plant both in your garden and in pots, experts suggest the second option. The reason being is that the effect will be stronger when the lemon balm is placed closer to mosquitos.

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A Plant with Strong and Sweet Citric Smell

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According to experts, basil is the plant that contains four elements that are known to repel mosquitoes. Here is how this works – the basil confuses the insects’ ability to recognize a meal. To get their senses back, they escape the particular area where there is basil. So, to keep the mosquito away from you and your house, you can put a leaf of basil on your terrace. Check out tips on preserving basil the right way. The great thing is that you can enjoy an excellent scent at the same time.

In a nutshell, mosquitoes like being around a crowd of people, so we should take effective and proven measures to repel them. Besides, they tend to be attracted to clothes that have darker colours, so try to wear lighter ones while in the garden. Since mosquitoes like shades, you can often find them around tall grass. So, don’t forget to keep your grass mowed. Another tip from us – avoid using perfumes with strong floral scents, as mosquitoes are in love with them. Finally, the best way to keep this insect away is either by using a natural plant or specific spray with DEET. We hope that this article will be ultimately useful to you in terms of repelling the annoying mosquitoes. Good luck!

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