Adorable cafe curtains ideas and designs to add style to your home

by Kremy

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We will show you a selection of fantastic cafe curtains ideas and designs but before that let’s explain what cafe curtains are. Typically those are curtains covering the lower half of a window. They can be used in any room of the home – living room, bathroom, kids’ bedroom and you will see them most often in kitchens. The type of curtains dates back to the 19th century when they were used in cafes to add style to the large windows. You could keep them closed or tie them at the sides of the windows like any other type of curtains.

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Cafe curtains are usually hung on a rod installed across the middle of the window. When the curtains have an upper part, known as a top header or valance, they are called tier curtains. Despite the name, the curtains cover the windows partially and this allows a good flow of natural light in the house. Here comes the question about privacy. The fact that the curtains do not cover the whole area of the glass means that they will not provide a complete privacy and some people find this as a disadvantage. This is of course, a personal opinion, and whether you will opt for this type of curtains depends entirely on you and your taste. You will see fantastic cafe curtains and kitchen curtains ideas in the gallery below and you will be able to decide for yourself.


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There are so many DIY cafe curtains ideas. They are a fantastic and really easy DIY project and you can sew your own curtains in just a few hours. You need to accurately measure the length of your window as well as the height to the middle of the window. Multiply the width by 3 so that your curtains look rich. If you plan two panels, divide the fabric equally. Do not forget to add at least 10 cm (5 inches) to the length for the folding of the fabric. Turn under and press the folding on each side of the window and then sew. Hang the rod and attach your curtains to the rod with hooks or rings.


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