CBD, the miracle cure – basic things to know about it

by Kremy


CBD the miracle cure basic things to know about it

More and more people suffer from physical complaints like headaches, chronic pains, symptoms of distress and excessive demand. Our fast-moving daily life deprives us of properly curing symptoms and their physical of psychosomatic cause. Heavy medication is often the method of choice in order to be able to function without having to give in to pain and distress.

Within the past years, a natural active ingredient, won out of the cannabis plant, has entered the field of alternative treatment methods: CBD. The effects of the cannabis-based products on the human organism are versatile and so are the fields of application.

These complaints can be successfully treated with CBD hemp oil

CBD cannabidiol is a natural substance and can be used as a painkiller


Just like THC, the well-known mind-altering substance, CBD derives from the cannabis plant. Other than THC, CBD is not intoxicating – purchase and intake are legal. CBD oil experience shows that the effects on our organism are as well pain-inhibiting, anti-inflammatory as relaxing. Click here for information on pure products, such as CBD liquid, 20% oil or tea.

Natural painkiller

CBD crystals and similar products help the body help itself

People with chronic pains often take heavy medication in order to get rid of their complaints. But an above-average intake of analgesics can come with significant secondary effects, which makes the pain medication boon and bane. CBD crystals and similar products help the body help itself instead. Cannabis oil experience shows that there are no side effects of the intake and also no interplay with other medication. That makes CBD an extremely well tolerated supplement.

Over time, CBD tracks the areas of the body, which are causing the pain and helps fighting the cause while also helping the organism to handle the pain in a better way. By inhibiting the release of stress hormones, which is typical when in pain, it lessens the percipience of the pain. At the same time, it raises the release of happy hormones, which naturally causes an elevated mood.

Anti-inflammatory supplement

CBD hemp Oil effect benefits how to use it

Athletes as well as the average person swear by CBD oil from the pharmacy as it actively helps the body fight inflammation. The active ingredient of the hemp oil crawls the organism in search of inflamed tissue and starts healing it through its disinfecting effects. At the same time, the pain-inhibiting impact lessens the limitation a person may feel due to a painful inflammation.

Relaxing effects

CBD helps people to feel happier and more relaxed

By inhibiting the release of stress hormones and by raising the release of good symptoms, CBD helps people to feel happier and more relaxed. Therefore, it is also used for light depressions, burn-out or sleep disturbance.

But it’s also a natural muscle relaxant. That is why, CBD is used by people with propensity to seizures, migraines, tension headaches or menstrual problems. There is even research on its effects on diseases like Parkinson, AD(H)D and epilepsy, which might make CBD the method of choice in adjunctive therapy.

Oil dosage and ways of intake

CBD oil dosage

Even though there are various dosage forms, most people prefer a CBD hemp oil, because it is easy to apply, very tolerable and especially because it quickly unfolds its effective force.

Beginners should start with a oil containing a 5% or 10% concentration and increase their amount of oil from day to day until arriving at the advised dosage. In order to help the CBD enter the organism quickly, the oil should be dripped under the tongue or into the cheek pouch, where it should be held for at least a minute. That way, the active ingredient can permeate through the oral mucosa and enter the organism right away.

Miracle cure or just hot air?

complaints that can be successfully treated with CBD hemp oil

When things are hyped the way that CBD is hyped at the moment, people become skeptical for all the right reasons. Especially when it comes to health, it is important to question things. With CBD, the many positive reports, the lack of side effects and the fact that it is freely marketed speak for themselves.





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