Why Is It Important to Clean Greenhouse Windows? How to Do It?

by Kristiyana

What does it matter if the windows of a greenhouse are clean or dirty? Isn’t its role to protect plants from frost and bad weather? Why is it important to clean greenhouse windows? The reasons for doing it, here and now, in this article!

Why Should You Clean Greenhouse Windows?

clean the windows of a greenhouse protective role cleaning important plant growth

If the role of a greenhouse is rather protective, why waste time on major preparations? It’s true that there are plenty of gardening tasks to complete in November before winter comes, but thinking that frost is the only enemy of crops that are under cover is misleading. Large or small, a greenhouse can be used annually. Calculate sunlight hours in winter, and think about how much heat seedlings and plants need. Yes, undoubtedly, it can be provided through heating appliances and installations, but natural light and warm rays are irreplaceable. However, their access is hampered if the glass walls and roof are dirty. Skimping on the task of cleaning greenhouse windows can slow plant growth, and lack of light can make them look stunted, even leading to pests and disease. So, don’t delay any longer! Grab a bucket and a cloth and start the big clean-up!

There should not be a big difference between the panes of a window and those of a greenhouse, except for a few small particularities.

How to Organize the Cleaning of the Greenhouse?

how to clean the windows of a greenhouse organize cleaning glass surface move empty

You’ve just finished cleaning around the house, and you’re a little fed up with it. Cleaners, cloths, buckets, everything is stored in the storage room under the stairs. A little breath before opening another “panel” of your homework list.

If you opted for the glass garden shed option, it was because you were convinced of its reliability. For it to be effective too, regular cleaning inside is necessary. This includes both sides of the glass surfaces. When should you clean the windows of a greenhouse? For tomatoes or orchids, access to light must be facilitated. Fall and spring are the usual and most beneficial periods for carrying out this hassle.

degrease greasy windows sweep floor empty interior vacuum make work easier

Nothing could be easier if the construction is empty. If you can move the pots, all you need to do is water the roof. Ideally, your greenhouse is not located near trees. Leaf fall, very intense and continuous at this time of year, will make your mission difficult. On a mild, windy day, remove all moss and algae from the glass. The choice of tools to accomplish this step is important. Scratching or cracking the glass is the last thing you want. Once the surface dirt is gone, you can start the washing. The idea of pressure washing the glass is not good, lest you break it.

How to Clean Greenhouse Windows to Make Them Shine?

use vinegar to clean a greenhouse vinegar solution liquid soap lemon juice

With debris already swept, the surfaces are suitable for cleaning. Your own safety requires covering all electrical outlets in and around the greenhouse. The application of eco-friendly cleaners is imperative, as the floor will soak up the soapy water. The best thing will be if the organic cleaner does not need to be rinsed. Rags and firm-bristle brushes are permitted, as well as a damp, wrung-out mop to clean the interior portion of the greenhouse roof. Frames tend to accumulate mold, which is inevitable when the range between exterior and interior temperatures is large. So, to remove from corners, use a toothbrush or paintbrush with firm bristles that will reach the dirt easily. Clean and oil the hinges as you go.

A ladder will be necessary if the greenhouse is twice your height, and the soil is not soft. In case the prospect of climbing scares you or there is a health reason, use a sponge attached to a broom handle or cane. Non-slip shoes, goggles and gloves are part of your protective tool set.

Thorough cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. As the objective is to maintain good visibility and allow maximum light transmission, marks left after washing should be avoided. Therefore, dry the glass carefully with a squeegee or lint-free cloth.

What Effective Cleaning Solutions Should You Prepare?

solutions for cleaning the windows of a greenhouse acidity help degrease clean
  • Vinegar solution: Mix equal parts warm water and white vinegar. The acidity will help dissolve dirt and streaks, leaving the glass clear and sparkling.
  • Baking Soda Paste: Mix a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the glass. Use a scrub brush to gently scrub the glass surfaces, then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Lemon juice solution: Mix equal parts warm water and lemon juice. The acidity of the mixture will help remove dirt and grime, and you will smell a fresh, clean scent long afterward.
  • Liquid soap solution: Mix a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wash the glass, then rinse with clean water.

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