Hookless shower curtain – creative ways to hang a bathroom curtain

by Kremy

hookless shower curtain design ideas creative bahtroom decor

When we remodel bathrooms we aim at modern vision, contemporary furniture, convenience and functionality. These are the basic features of any modern bathroom. Of course, we can give a whole new look to the bathroom and refresh its appearance with just a new shower curtain. The market offers numerous options and designs but we will show you a number of creative ways to hang a curtain in the bathroom by using a hookless shower curtain.


Elegant hookless shower curtain design ideas

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When choosing bathroom accessories, people often grab the first available products without thinking about how much they will last, and how they will look in the interior. They have their point, as a bathroom curtain has to be practical. However, it is much more wise to carefully think of the visual effect that an ordinary item can have, as we all know how small details matter. A hookless shower curtain can make all the difference and make your bathroom look much better than you think. Shower curtains nowadays become an integral part of the decor of the bathroom, and become every day more and more popular. When decorating the bathroom and trying to create something unusual and original, choose a practical modern material – either textiles or polyester – and take advantage of the ideas in the gallery how to hang the curtain in an original way.


Creative ideas how to hang a hookless shower curtain

hookless bathroom curtain design ideas

You can buy your hookless shower curtain from a store and just hang it on the rod. The variety of patterns, colors and materials is enormous and you will undoubtedly find a suitable shower curtain that will complement your bathroom interior. This will save time and you will have a good looking and functional curtain.

hookless shower curtain design ideas bathroom accessories decor

People who want to personalize their bathroom and search for unique shower curtains ideas will find the pictures below quite useful. You could use leather straps, textile ribbons or snap-in models which will add character and individuality to the bathroom decor. Remember that if you add a little imagination and creativity, you can transform your bathroom or shower room beyond recognition, and spend a lot less time and money.

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