Design Trends: How to Choose Patchwork Tile for Your Home?

by Kremy

The patchwork style is one of the latest trends in tile fashion. Many people love patchwork tile for the colorful and unusual appearance, as well as rich combination possibilities. Modern manufacturers of ceramic tiles could not resist the charm of patchwork – collections in a patchwork style fascinate and attract the eye.

Design Trends Patchwork Tile for Your Home

The patchwork technique is a bright composition with which you can easily transform any interior. By choosing ceramic tiles in this style, you can create a real work of art in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. A well-chosen patchwork tile design will emphasize the interior and give it individuality.

What Is Patchwork Tile?

What Is Patchwork Tile


Before talking about ideas for decorating rooms with tiles, let’s figure out what a patchwork is. Initially, the word “patchwork” was used to describe the technique of making things from fabric. Small pieces of textiles were combined with each other to sew blankets, curtains, tablecloths, pillowcases and the like. The name originated in England, and from English “patchwork” literally translates as “made of patches”. If earlier the patterns had a rich color, now there is a great interest in more discreet patterns.

contemporary bathroom tile decor accent wall ideas

Patchwork tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, hallways and living rooms. They can be used outdoors as well – on balconies, spacious terraces, etc. The originality of the patterns and the richness of the color palette fill the interior with warmth and coziness.

The greatest advantage of patchwork tile is that it gives a lot of opportunities for creating an original design. The tiles can be laid in a pattern or in a chaotic sequence, which greatly benefits the overall look of the interior.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing Tile for Your Home?

What to Consider When Choosing Patchwork Tile for Your Home

The market offers a wide selection of patchwork tiles. They differ in size, patterns, colors, materials of manufacture, etc.

Tile Size

tiles come in different sizes

Modern manufacturers offer tiles in different sizes. It is much easier to work with large tiles, but they are suitable if you decorate large spaces, for example, a floor or an entire wall. Small tiles allow you more creativity and can be used in both large and modest sized rooms.

Material and Patterns

kitchen tile backsplash trendy decor ideas

When choosing a tile, you need to know where you will install it. Do you need floor or wall tile? Do you prefer glossy or matte finish? Of course, the choice depends on the personal preferences of the homeowners, as well as the interior design. For example matte surfaces will look great in rustic style innteriors while glossy finish will look better in contemporary homes.

Patterns of various colors and contents are digitally printed on the tile surface. The most popular today are white-black, white-blue and beige patterns. They can be represented by abstractions, graffiti, geometric shapes, ornaments, etc. Tile manufacturers honor new fashion trends and reflect this in their products. The pattern should be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the interior, its style and color scheme.


patchwork tile work with different decor styles

Contrary to popular belief that patchwork tiles are suitable for rustic designs only, with the right approach to choosing a pattern and color palette, it can become a fabulous decoration for any interior, from minimalism to modern.

Patchwork Tile Ideas for Different Rooms of the House

Patchwork tile ideas trendy floor

Patchwork tile can decorate the interior of any living space. Most often, it serves as an accent element of the interior: it is used as a decorative insert, to define the functional zones in an open plan space, decorate wall or floor surfaces.

Patchwork Tile in the Interior of the Living Room

Patchwork Tile in Living Room

The interior decoration of the living room is always approached with special attention as we want to create the most comfortable and, at the same time, beautiful environment not only for family members, but also for friends and guests. A patchwork tile floor will look great and can easily replace the colorful carpet in the living room. With the help of tiles, you can successfully zone the space.

Kitchen Tile Ideas

Patchwork Tiles in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, patchwork tiles create an incredibly cute and cozy atmosphere. The tiled can be installed on the floor, as a backsplash or as an accent wall. The kitchen is a place where the temperature often changes, dirt appears constantly, heavy objects may fall, so the floor covering must be durable. Porcelain stoneware copes with all these challenges. It has a dense structure that does not absorb water, withstands constant friction, which means that such a tile will serve you for many years.

Trendy Bathroom Wall and Floor Decor

modern bathroom design accent wall ideas

Due to the fact that bathrooms are small to modest sized, you need to use patchwork tiles with care. A busy pattern can visually reduce the space, so we recommend choosing patchwork tile as accent. A great option is to decorate the wall in the shower area with tiles with ornate patterns. Patchwork tile floor in the bathroom looks beautiful, especially if the walls are decorated in solid color tiles.

Decorate the Hallway with Original Floor Tiles

patchwork tile floor ideas

In the hallway, patchwork tiles are used as floor covering, which is distinguished by its resistance to mechanical damage and various kinds of stress. In addition, with its help, you can make a bright accent on the floor. For small rooms, it is better to choose tiles with light patterns that echo the main palette of wall decoration.




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