DIY 4th of July Decoration: 20 Last Minute Ideas to Try Recreating with Your Family

by Gabby

The 4th of July is tomorrow! So, are you ready with your patriotic decor? What are the best DIY 4th of July decoration ideas? Are they budget friendly? What to do as a last-minute craft? 

DIY 4th of July Decoration: Last Minute Ideas to Try Recreating with Your Family

diy 4th of july decoration party ideas 2023

Are you planning a party for 4th of July? Of course, you are! This day is a very important celebration for the USA and a lot of people are gathering and celebrating their freedom. You probably associate it with the amazing fireworks that you can see on the entire sky on this day and the big paradise. The decoration is also essential. But the 4th of July is tomorrow! So, what do we do? There are many last-minute ideas that you can adapt and turn it into a fun activity to do with your friends and family. And the best part is that these ideas are budget friendly, because you can DIY them!

DIY 4th of July Wreath Decoration

diy 4th of july wreath decoration ideas 2023


For starters, the perfect outdoor decoration for every occasion are the beautiful wreaths for our doors. I happen to have the perfect idea for 4th of July! All you need to get are wooden clothespins. The wreath itself you can do from a cardboard, if you don’t have craft wire. Paint your clothespins in white, blue and red and decorate with stars as shown on the photo. The stars you can make from the same cardboard, since you are probably going to have some leftovers. This wreath recreates the American flag, which is an essential when it comes to 4th of July decoration. This craft will not take more than 30 minutes!

4th of July Decoration Ideas for Outside

4th of july decoration ideas for outside 2023

Are you wondering how to decorate your veranda, patio, or garden for the 4th of July? This is one of the easiest and cheapest decoration idea that you can try in 2023! There are two ways that you can do this craft – you can either use old cans, or toilet paper roll. What do you need:

  • old cans or toilet paper roll
  • satin ribbons (or any other material that you can find)
  • blue paint
  • white paper for the stars
  • glue
  • scissors
  • twine

You can follow the steps on the photo shown below, if you choose to use toilet paper roll, which is actually the easier method. If you want to use canes, then you will have to drill holes inside for the twine, since you have to hang them somewhere. The toilet paper roll method is suitable for toddlers as well!

diy 4th of july decoration ideas for outside 2023 toddler arts and crafts diy

Homemade 4th of July Decorations for Toddlers

homemade 4th of july decoration for toddlers arts and crafts 2023

Yes, that’s right, you see it! These are rocks! Kids love to draw on everything, even the walls sometimes! And did you know that these rock painting kits sell for over $20? Why spend money when you can go out for a walk this afternoon or tomorrow morning and find the right stones for your child to paint on? All you have to do is buy paint! And if you are going to celebrate outside and there is wind, you can put them on the tablecloth to protect it.

easy diy 4th of july decoration for kids 2023

This is another cheap and easy idea that your kids will love! Get them as many wooden sticks for craft as you can and some paint and show them how to recreate the American flag!

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DIY 4th of July Centerpiece

diy 4th of july centerpiece decoration ideas 2023

Centerpieces are the thing that brings beauty to our table. If you have a glass vase at your home, then you can let your creativity run wild and let the decoration games begin! You can buy mini flags, flowers, confetti, etc. and arrange them elegantly in your vase (as shown on the photo). If you want something “extra”, you can add fairy lights into the vase, before you make the arrangements.

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4th of July DIY Decoration Ideas 2023

last minute 4th of july decoration ideas 2023

4th Of July Paper Craft Ideas for Toddlers

4th of july paper craft ideas for toddlers

4th of July Table Decor Ideas

4th of july table decoration ideas 2023

Easy 4th Of July Maison Jar Candles Decoration Idea

4th of july maison jar candles decoration ideas 2023

Last-Minute Easy Paper Garland Idea for 4th Of July

4th of july paper garland decoration idea 2023

DIY Table Decor for 4th of July

table decoration diy 4th of july

DIY Table Cloth Made from Bandanas, Perfect for 4th of July

diy table cloth from bandanas 4th of july ideas

Rustic DIY 4th of July Decor

rustic diy 4th of july decoration ideas

Driftwood Wreath for 4th of July: Decoration for Outside

driftwood wreath for 4th of july 2023

Easy 4th of July Centerpiece with Flowers

diy centerpiece for 4th of july 2023 ideas craft

How to Decorate Your Snacks for 4th of July?

food 4th of july decor

Boho Rustic 4th of July Decoration

boho diy 4th of july decoration

Paper Craft Decor for 4th of July

paper diy 4th of july decoration last minute ideas

Wreath Made from Ribbons: 4th of July Decor Ideas for Outside

4th of july wreath diy decoration ribbons

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