6 DIY Scarf Tops Ideas for Women Who Want to Look Stylish in 2023!

by Radost P.

How to tie scarves as tops in a chic and elegant way that’ll emphasize your personal style? How to achieve the perfect summer look, according to fashionistas?

Here Are 6 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf as a Top This Summer Season!

ways to wrap a scarf as a top

Wearing a top, as a lady who has high standards regarding her appearance, will certainly make you look classy, and you’ll stand out from the crowd! How to turn your favorite scarf into a modern summer top, while keeping up with the fashion trends for 2023?

Halter Crop Top

To create a triangle, you should fold the scarf in half and wrap it in such a way that the ends are located in front while the top corner points down at your back. According to experts, you should knot the ends behind your neck and cross them in front. 

DIY Scarf Tops – One-Shoulder Open-Back

one shoulder open back


Similarly to the previous style, you should fold your scarf in half in order to create a triangle. Wrap one end around the waist (tying it to the third corner) and drape the other one over your left shoulder. Tie this end to the strap that is along your back. 

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Asymmetric One-Shoulder Style

After folding your lovely scarf to create a triangle, you should leave the top corner at your right hip. Then, wrap and cross the ends in such a way that they meet under your left arm. Knot these together on your shoulder and make any adjustments, in case it is needed. 

Classic Triangle Top

classic triangle top

This is probably the most popular way to tie a scarf as a top that you see in social media. There are numerous reasons for that – this style is suitable on almost all body types, and you could even wear a bra! Knot the two ends tightly behind your back. 

The Wide Bandeau

According to fashionistas, in order to achieve this style, you should take the two opposite corners of your scarf and knot them together. Leave the remaining two ends behind your back, while putting the knot at the center of your chest.

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Cowl-Neck Halter

cowl neck halter

Pay attention because now you will need either two ribbons or two shoelaces. Knot two of the corners of your scarf behind your neck, and then knot the ends of the remaining corners to the ends of the shoelaces or ribbons. Pull the laces that are behind your back and knot them in place.

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