Dont’s when furnishing our home – decorating mistakes to avoid

by Kremy

 living room console table focal point

All home interior magazines give ideas and advise for the different styles of home decoration, but there are some things which you should always have in mind when designing and decorating your first apartment. If you keep in mind the possible errors, then it is easier to avoid them afterwards. We offer you some tips that will make you aware of the most common decorating mistakes.

 decorating mistakes to avoid completely pink bedroom


The market offers incredibly big variety of colours. Picking up the wall colour first will significantly narrow your options for furniture and home accessories. It will be much more difficult to find a sofa that matches the colour of your walls than finding the right furniture for you and then pick a matching colour. Interior decorating mistakes often happen when neglecting this simple rule.

 bench behind sofa devides space

If an item or a piece of furniture is a natural focal point, for example a fire place or a large window, take advantage of that and design the whole interior around that point and emphasize this accent with a beautiful decoration.


Do not place any furniture, especially if you have tight enough free space on the walls, or the living room to the kitchen is open. You’d better group the furniture and bring it to the center of the room. This would create a warm and cozy atmosphere for conversations. A console table behind the sofa is a beautiful way to divide the areas.

good interior decoration free accessdining area

Organize your space so that you can move around the room freely and without obstacles. Thus the room will look clean and well-organized. We believe that a chair in front of the door or a table in an area with a lot of movement is not a good idea. Leave enough room for easy access and movement in the room.

good decoration advice do not clutter the surfices

Various old things are lovely memories and a personal element in the interior but you should not overdo it. You better avoid the accumulation of many small items in one place. Not every surface should be covered. Try organizing your collections in smaller groups.

decorating mistakes many patterns and colours

Contrast is a beautiful thing and the eclectic style is actually a great way to decorate a room, but some colours and objects of different styles just do not fit well together.

bedroom windows wardrobe sliding doors

carpet living room furniture choose first beige green

decorating mistakes pattern for styles various colors

error eclectic Chinese set green color

error pink color wall tropical rattan pattern

open living roomgas fireplace dining area contrast

good decoration living room fireplace focal point

good decoration tip windows eye catcher in bath

living room classic console table decorations

tips wall color matches furniture



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