Choosing the perfect Christmas tree – what we need to know

 Choosing the perfect tree

Are you ready to buy your Christmas tree? Which type of conifer is best? How do we take care of it once we bought it? Not all of us are naturally gifted to spot the perfect Christmas tree among all the ones on the market. Here are just a few tips before you go so that you have exactly what you want and please yourselves with a great tree.

What to remember if you want the perfect Christmas tree

measuring christmas trees

First and most important thing – take the measures. It is of essential importance for getting the perfect Christmas tree. Otherwise you may end up with an enormous tree and bad mood. Once at the market – check the freshness of the tree. You would want to choose a tree that has been recently cut and is still fresh. To check the freshness – look at the needles. Fresh firs should snap, while fresh pines bend and should not break. Do not get trees that look dried. Needles of freshly cut trees, even if you slightly pull them towards you should stay on the branch.

Taking care of the perfect Christmas tree

measure your available space when buying a tree

A freshly cut, healthy tree should last six weeks in a home, if cared for correctly. How do we do that? If the coloration of the tree is not even, then you should have in mind that it is not very likely it is fresh. When you get your tree at home cut off a bit from the bottom of the tree’s trunk. This way you will give your tree a chance to get more water. Do not forget to add water to keep your tree moisturized and looking perfect. Finally, try to avoid placing your tree near heat sources so that it is preserved for a longer period. Following these simple rules you can be sure to have the perfect Christmas tree for the holidays.

adding water to christmas tree to keep it fresh

add aroma in the living room

real Christmas tree add aroma in the living room

Choosing from various sizes

various sizes trees

 Fresh Chrismas trees are evenly green

fresh chrismas trees are evenly green

Be careful when placing your tree

 Hide the bottom with a skirt or a pile of presents

choosing look at the shape

  Make your perfect decoration for the holidays

Make your perfect christmas tree decoration

  Place it far from open fire for safety

place holiday tree far from open fire

fresh decorations

 Real Christmas trees can be placed outdoors

Real trees can be placed outside

A few decoration ideas

choosing and decorating the perfect trees

choosing the perfect tree



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