Exclusive double sided fireplace design ideas in modern home interiors

by Kremy

contemporary double sided fireplace design accent wall

The fireplace has been with people for thousands of years. It was the place for gathering of the family, preparing food and a basic source of warmth in cold winter weather. Nowadays we look at a fireplace as an element of interior design and very often it is a real show stopper. We will show you exclusive double sided fireplace design ideas which are beautifully incorporated in contemporary interiors.

Double sided fireplace design ideas – where to install it

awesome double sided fireplace design open plan ideas


Modern double sided fireplace design features creative ideas with enormous visual appeal. Flames can be seen from several sides. In addition to the aesthetic function this design has another function – it works as a magnificent room divider. It can be placed anywhere in the house as long as there is enough room. For example, it is an ideal choice for open plan areas which combine living room and dining room or a family room. You can take advantage of this contemporary fireplace designs and install it in the master bedroom and bathroom so that the flames will be visible while you take a relaxing bath.

Pros and cons of double sided fireplace

double sided fireplace modern fireplace design ideas

Many people are attracted to the idea of having a double sided fireplace. Here are some of the main advantages. On the first place it is the attractive appearance and the beautiful look that they add to the interior and provide an opportunity to equip two adjacent rooms with independent access. From a practical point of view a creative double sided fireplace design does not block the view and the different areas are easily seen. The variety of decorative options and stylistic concepts are practically limitless.

double sided fireplace living room open plan

On the downside one of the cons of these fireplaces is the fact that they do not emit enough heat to be used as a main heat source in large areas and this means that they have primarily decorative and aesthetic function. Many people have concerns of harmful gases but modern designs with two doors successfully solve this problem. The maintenance requires the same attention as with any other design. Despite these disadvantages this type of fireplaces is very popular with designers and homeowners for the striking appearance.

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