Egg chair – a timeless classic furniture design for the home

by Kremy

 arne jacobsen Egg Chair iconic furniture designs

The Egg Chair, created in 1958 by the designer and sculptor Arne Jacobsen, has not lost its popularity for more than 50 years. It was first introduced when Jacobsen received an order to design a unique reclining lounge armchair for the Royal Hotel in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen (nowadays Radisson Blu Royal Hotel). The unique smooth shape of the Egg Chair quite organically fit into the surroundings of the lobby and since then is a symbol of the Danish furniture design throughout the world.

Egg chair – iconic furniture piece with enormous popularity

white leather armchair egg chair


The authentic Egg Chair has sleek, contoured and flawless line. The initial design was in a bright red color. Later all sorts of high-quality materials are used and today it is manufactured with upholstery from fabric or leather. Due to its shape the chair always protects the person from the background noise and provides convenience and comfort. An additional ottoman can serve as a foot rest. The Egg chair has become a real symbol of the era, its shape is recognizable and familiar even to those who are not interested in the history of design and the name of Arne Jacobsen means nothing to them. Due to the simplicity and elegance, the armchair still has not lost its popularity. Now it is produced by Fritz Hansen, Louis Poulsen, Georg Jensen, Stelton.

Hanging egg chair – functional furniture piece for outdoor or indoors


The design of the hanging egg chair features the sleek lines of the original. Just like the original of Arne Jacobsen, the hanging version which appeared later immediately became tremendously popular. The hanging armchairs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are weather resistant and ideal for the patio, garden or backyard. Indoors, the hanging egg chair is used in bedrooms, living rooms and is an enjoyable piece of furniture.

unique furniture designs arne jacobsen egg chair foot rest

 An iconic design of furniture which is still popular today

Home office furniture ideas purple egg chairs


  Contemporary home interior features classic furniture design

Modern living room furniture red egg chair white leather ottoman

 An accent in the bedroom

luxury bedroom furniture ideas arne jacobsen egg chair red

Elegant sleek lines

Arne Jacobsen chairs unique egg chair design

Modern living room interior

Contemporary living room furniture bright red egg

modern living room furniture black egg gray sofa

modern hanging egg chair bedroom furniture ideas

Modern family room interior design egg foot rest

unique furniture design egg dark brown color

hanging egg designs patio furniture ideas

Family room furniture ideas sofa coffee table hanging

Arne Jacobsen chair design grey fabric modern home

Egg designer ideas living room

Contemporary home ideas hanging living dining room

contemporary home glass coffee table hanging

Contemporary bedroom ideas hanging

black egg living room ideas

arne jacobsen egg ottoman white wool upholstery

arne jacobsen design classic

arne jacobsen design contemporary living room furniture

Arne Jacobsen designer egg classic


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