10 Fall French Pedicure Designs Every Classy Woman Will Be Wearing in 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

The open-toe season may be towards its end, but this doesn’t mean you have to start neglecting your toenails! ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ should not apply to our appearance, and a woman’s pedicure says a lot about her! If you want your toes to look immaculate at all times there’s one design you can never go wrong with – the French tips! Regardless of the season, they’re guaranteed to give you an elegant and refined appearance! Give your toes some well-deserved end-of-the-summer TLC with these fabulous fall French pedicure design ideas! 

fall pedicure nail polish colors 2023 navy blue burgundy dark mocha

What are Fall Colors for French Nails?

The classic French pedicure remains an unprecedented icon to this day! One of the things I love the most about the French tips is that their simplicity makes them the perfect canvas for experimentation. During fall, you can spruce up the classic design by introducing colors such as dark mocha, sage green, navy blue, and burgundy and incorporate silver and gold elements. Fall nail colors are typically earthy, quite moody, and with a lot of depth.

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2023 Fall French Pedicure Ideas

black french tip pedicure silver glitter milky white toe nails 2023


The combination of black tips and a milky white base on a French pedicure is one of the most classy alternatives to the classic design. It’s a unique and bold choice that gives you a slight edge while still remaining incredibly alluring! You can take it a step further and give it a more elevated appearance by adding silver chrome or glitter elements!

Classic Red French Pedicure

red french tip toe nails fall pedicure design ideas 2023

What’s better than having a beautiful French pedicure that makes your toes look straight out of a magazine? Painting them in a classic red nail polish! I don’t care what anyone says – nothing beats a clean red pedicure, ESPECIALLY when it’s French! It takes a certain amount of poise to rock this shade, and a true femme fatale can make this simple pedicure look like a million bucks!

Navy Blue French Tip Pedicure

navy blue french tip toes moody fall pedicure design 2023

Whether you’re wearing navy blue on its own, on a French manicure, or incorporated into a design, it’s bound to make your toes look stunning! It’s most suitable for people with a neutral undertone, however, different shades can be suited to anyone’s skin color. Navy blue toes give you that edge without being too aggressive and overbearing and are perfect for both casual and formal looks!

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Purple Glitter French Toe Nails Design

purple glitter french fall pedicure ideas 2023

It’s no secret that over the last month, purple nails rose in popularity like never before! I’m not sure if we have Dua Lipa’s purple chrome nails to blame, or if there’s another catalyst for this phenomenon, but one thing is for certain. We’re LOVING it! Give your toes a party-ready makeover and welcome the upcoming fall season with this mesmerizing purple glitter French pedicure!

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Silver Chrome and Black Pedicure Design

silver chrome black french tip toe nails fall pedicure design 2023

You heard Beyoncé – she wants EVERYONE to wear their best silver outfits this Virgo season! I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit scarce on the silver attire. However, I’m sure that a silver chrome French pedicure is good enough to get me “ten, ten, ten, across the board”! Whether you’re attending the Renaissance tour or not, chrome nails are set to be one of the top nail art trends this fall, so don’t sleep on ’em, honey!

Silver Glitter Tip French Pedicure

silver french tip toe nails minimalist elegant fall pedicure ideas

You’re not a chrome girl, but you still want to rock some silver this season? Say no more! These dainty minimalist silver glitter French tip toes are the perfect accessory for this fall season! They’re elegant, low-maintenance, and give you just the right amount of pizzazz without making your toes shine like a disco ball!

Abstract Polka Dot French Pedicure

abstract red polka dot french tip toe nails fall pedicure design ideas

Rules are made to be broken (at least in beauty and fashion) and this abstract French pedicure defies all paradigms. This design uses a classic red nail polish, however, instead of the typical French tip we have an abstract design created using round metallic confetti! This creative technique that mimics a polka dot design is a unique way to spruce up your classic pedicure!

Pastel Pink Pedicure Design

milky white pastel pink french tip toe nails fall pedicure design 2023

Sure, fall is all about dark and moody colors, but who said we can’t hold onto summer a little longer? I personally like to think of pastel pink as a nude, which makes it completely appropriate to wear it all year round, right? It’s clean, soft, feminine, and just makes your toes look like a piece of candy! Who wouldn’t want that?

Indigo Blue Ombre French Tip Toe Nail Design

indigo blue milky white reverse ombre french tip toe nails fall pedicure design ideas 2023

Ocean nail art design but make it moody – task accomplished! While summer is all about bright, vibrant shades, fall likes to take it down a notch. Does that mean we have to give up on all marine-inspired motifs and designs? Absolutely not! Simply replace the vibrant blue with a muted indigo shade, blend it with milky white nail polish to create an ombre effect, and voilà! You have an autumn sea nail art design!

Cobalt Blue French Pedicure

cobalt blue french tip toe nails fall pedicure color ideas 2023

We may be getting ready for the moody fall season, but that shouldn’t stop us from making a color statement! Cobalt blue gives you the right amount of color pop that works perfectly for every season. While this certainly isn’t an elegant choice of nail polish color, it’s anything but boring! Would you dare to give this vivacious shade of blue a try?


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