How to Prevent Yellow Sweat Stains on White Shirts: 7 Methods That Work!

by Radost P.

Are there ways to prevent yellow armpit stains on white shirts? Why do they even show up, and how to deal with the root causes?

Here’s How to Avoid Getting Yellow Stains on White Shirts!

avoid getting yellow stain on a shirt

It can be quite annoying to be at an important event or party and notice that you have yellow stains on your favorite white shirt, isn’t it? So, which natural methods can help you avoid this situation in the future?

Use Less Deodorant

use less deodorant to avoid yellow stains


Contrary to popular opinion that applying more deodorant will prevent sweating, it is wise to use just a thin layer of it and let it dry completely before putting your shirt on. As you probably know, too much deodorant can potentially clog your sweat glands, which leads to bacteria growth. 

Regularly Shave Armpit Hair

regularly shave your armpit hair

Almost everyone who values hygiene shaves their armpit hair on a regular basis. This prevents the aluminum in your deodorant from mixing with the bacteria. As a result, sweating decreases too, since hair does not retain moisture anymore.

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Take Specific Supplements

drink green tea to reduce sweating

Although certain supplements are not proven to eliminate sweating, they have properties that might be helpful in reducing it. Instead of choosing stain removal products that contain chemicals, take some of the following completely natural supplements – vitamin C or B, sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, or just drink green tea. 

Change Your Antiperspirant

choose organic deodorant antiperspirant

Unfortunately, most antiperspirants available on the market do contain aluminum, which means that when you mix it with sweat, the end result is yellowing of your shirts. What you can do instead, is to start applying organic or natural deodorants that aren’t linked to development of diseases, like some commercial products are.

Buy a Protective Undershirt

sweat proof undershirt

In order to effectively prevent sweat stains before they even show up, you could purchase a quality protective undershirt. It is also designed to eliminate bad odor thanks to its patented sweat proof barrier. 

Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains by Changing Your Diet

prevent yellow armpit stains change diet

This is a more long-term strategy that is beneficial for your overall health as well. You are probably aware that digestion and sweat production are somehow related to each other. Specific foods require more effort to digest them, which could result in more sweat. So, include in your diet the following things – spinach, almonds, green tea, bananas, and watermelon. 

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Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

wear loose shirts

Needless to say, wearing breathable fabrics is a better choice compared to tight shirts. So, whenever you can, go for the loose types of clothes, so that you can prevent stains from forming. 


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