Top 7 Fall Potted Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

by Kristiyana

Are you wondering how you can attract hummingbirds to your garden in the fall? Which potted plants are among the favourites of these tiny and enchanting creatures? The top 7 fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds to have in your garden or by your windows! 

Top 7 Fall Potted Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds

You can always add charm to your garden with the help of some vibrant red flowering shrubs that you can plant in fall, or choose pretty trees, shrubs and flowers for an orange fall garden, but another way you can create an enchanting and welcoming atmosphere is by inviting in cute and tiny hummingbirds! Not only will seeing these birds fill your heart with warmth and joy, but you will also be helping them with their diet. How to do this, you ask? By growing any or all of these 7 fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds for a bright and colourful garden, balcony or window sill!


how to grow lantana in pots to attract hummingbirds in fall


The bright and colourful Lantana is a charming shrub that flowers all year round, beautifying your garden during the cold weather. Its bright hues in red, orange, or purple attract hummingbirds the most, so make sure you choose one of these colours for potting. How to take care of a potted Lantana? Make sure you pick a pot that is big enough to accommodate the root ball. Also, check if the pot has adequate drainage holes. The Lantana blooms best in full sun exposure.


hummingbirds like nasturtiums

Nasturtium is another vibrant fall potted plant that attracts hummingbirds. The cool fall weather invigorates this plant, giving way to an abundance of new blossoms that survive until the first frost. Plant these easy annuals in window boxes, containers, or at the front of your garden to attract the little birds. Nasturtium in pots doesn’t require rich soil, so begin its planting with a potting mix without a pre-added fertilizer. The pot should also have adequate drainage.

Edging Lobelia

how to care for edging lobelia in a pot

The annual Edging Lobelia is one of the more popular container plants, as it has a long flowering period that makes it ideal for a bright fall garden. Its vibrant purple colour and nectar is what attracts hummingbirds to its presence. Edging Lobelia enjoys growing in full sun or partial shade. When planting, use a controlled-release fertilizer. In a container, the plant may require water-soluble fertilizer once a month. The Edging Lobelia also needs to be in constantly moist soil.

Coral Honeysuckle

fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds to your garden coral honeysuckle

What other fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds are there? Enjoy the red-orange flowers of the Coral Honeysuckle from summer to early fall! The semi-evergreen vine plant is among the top picks for plants that attract the company of hummingbirds. Often these cheerful plants put out even more flowers late into the fall season. To grow it in a pot or container, choose one with good drainage. Fill it with a well-draining soil mix and place the pot in a sunny spot. When the Coral Honeysuckle fills the pot and has no more room to grow, slightly tip the pot onto its side to let the plant’s root system spread.


grow asters in containers for your fall garden to attract hummingbirds

Asters are among the fall blooming nectar plants that you should certainly have in your garden if you want to attract hummers.  How to grow them in containers? Make sure you plant them in a multipurpose, well-drained compost. Most Asters prefer full-sun exposure, as well as shade during the intense afternoons if grown in the warmest zones. Their roots should nestle in rich, moist soil. During the coldest of months, store them in a cold frame or greenhouse.

Blazing Star

fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies blazing star

Which are the fall potted plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies? Try any of the 37 species of the Blazing Star! This purple wildflower draws butterflies as well as hummingbirds as the fall season continues on. Although, the plant is not usually grown in containers, it can be accustomed to it. The planting and care is quite similar to that of in-ground growing. However, potted ones do require more water. During winter, make sure they don’t stay long in soggy soil, as that is one of the main causes of their early death.

Here’s how to plant a Blazing Star in a pot:

Fall Potted Plants That Attract Hummingbirds: Planting Blazing Star Tutorial


Mexican Sage

potted mexican sage attracts hummingbirds in the fall

If you live in a warmer climate, the Mexican Sage can also be a potted addition to your fall garden or placed near your windows. The plant prefers warmer weather, as frosts and a sustained hard freeze can kill it entirely. When it’s warm, the Mexican Sage flowers from late summer all through the following spring. Amazing right? And of course, it attracts hummingbirds to its presence. The Mexican Sage prefer rich or clay soils. When planting in a pot, ensure better drainage by adding perlite.

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