The Top 3 Red Flowering Shrubs to Plant This Fall

by Kristiyana

Which red flowering shrubs to grow? What are the best plants to plant now to enjoy flamboyant flowering in the garden in spring?’s editorial staff reveals the top three plants to prioritize urgently! Easy to grow, resilient, and incredibly beautiful… these plants have it all.

red flowering shrubs to plant in the garden in fall peonies

3 Red Flowering Shrubs to Absolutely Plant in the Garden in Fall

Whether it is a rhododendron with bright flowers, a generously flowering peony, a Japanese maple with very decorative foliage or the particularly elegant camellia… shrubs with red flowers come in several fantastic varieties. Heading for our top 3!

Rhododendron – the Must-Have Abundant Flowering Shrub with Evergreen Foliage

which shrub flowers in red rhododendron


Very easy to maintain, the rhododendron offers a wide range of colours and is suitable for planting in the ground as well as in a pot or planter. We very often see it beautifying flowerbeds, borders, and hedges. The evergreen foliage of the rhododendron remains decorative all year round, while its flamboyant flowers embellish the garden from March to July. This flowering shrub is quite resistant to cold and now is the ideal time to plant it. Planting begins in April and continues until September. The main thing is to avoid periods of drought and frost.

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shrubs with red flowers plant rhododendrons in fall

Plant the rhododendron in heather-type soil, while avoiding areas with stagnant water. Install the plant in partial shade and away from drafts. Dig a hole 50 cm/1.64 feet deep and 1 meter/3.28 feet wide. Then, gently brush the root ball with a dish brush to untangle the finer roots. Soak it in a bucket of water for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, plant the root ball, cover with the removed soil, pack it down and water copiously with at least 10 litres of non-calcareous water.

  • Warning: The leaves of the rhododendron are toxic and you should absolutely avoid touching them. If you have small children or pets, it is best to move the plant away or not plant it at all.

The Pretty Peony Offers Sumptuous Flowering Not to Be Missed

red flowering shrubs to plant in fall peonies

When we talk about red flowering shrubs, it is essential to mention peonies! Easy to maintain and resistant, this plant loves sunny or semi-shaded areas, but it fears winds. Plant it in deep, rich, well-drained soil. The peony also likes moist soil, but without stagnant humidity. When it comes to planting time, there are two factors. Bare root plants are planted from October to March, while containerized peonies are planted until the end of May.

which red flowring shrubs to plant peonies in the garden in fall

To plant a herbaceous peony, start by making a 40 cm/1.31 feet hole in all directions, spacing the plants 0.70 to 1 meter/3.28 feet apart. Then add organic fertilizer to the soil. If it is quite heavy, install a draining material at the bottom. Place the plant in the hole, being careful not to bury the buds below more than 3 cm/0.09 feet. Fill the hole and water generously with 10 litres of water.

When it comes to planting tree peonies, proceed in the same way as for herbaceous varieties. Space the plants 1.50 m/4.9 feet apart and bury the graft 5 to 10 cm/0.16 to 0.32 feet so that the graft can take root well.

  • Good to know: For impressive red flowers, choose the “Red Charm” variety.

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Red Flowering Shrubs: We Love the Camellia Which Lights Up the Garden

red flowering shrubs to plant in fall in the camelia garden

The red varieties of camellia will brighten up your garden spectacularly while giving it unmistakable depth. This flowering shrub is one of the plants for acidic soil, the so-called acidophiles. Plant camellias in well-drained, rich, fresh soil enriched with compost. They cannot tolerate high heat and therefore prefer shade or partial shade, always sheltered from the winds. The best time to plant camellias sold in containers is between October and March, excluding frost and extreme heat. On the other hand, clods are planted between November and March.

To successfully plant your camellia in the ground, first soak the container in water to thoroughly soak the root ball. Then dig a hole 60 cm/1.96 feet deep and 1 meter/3.28 feet wide. Unpot the plant and untangle the roots. Plant by covering the root ball with 2-3 cm/ 0.06-0.09 feet of soil, and avoid burying the crown. Recap, tamp and water. Mulch with dead leaves or pine bark.

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