Feng Shui living room design ideas for a balanced lifestyle

by Kremy

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Feng Shui living room design is very important if you are a fan of the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. The living room is the heart of every home. It is an area for the whole family, a room for cozy evenings with friends and family. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has proved to be particularly helpful for the living room and it is quite understandable why the popularity of Feng Shui decor is increasing.

Feng shui living room design principles


Feng Shui living room design has very strict rules for the furniture layout. The door should not be placed opposite the window. The curtains keep the positive energy in the house. Arrange the sofas and the chairs in a circle or a square. The TV should remain hidden from the view as it disturbs the harmony between the people in the room. The key of Feng Shui decor is to create an easy flow of energy and traffic. This can be done by placing chairs and sofas not so close to the walls.

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For a successful Feng Shui living room design you need to leave the center of the living room free of everything and put flower pots in the corners of the room. Keep clutter away from the doorway. You can put decorative floor vase, a graceful entry table, and other pieces but keep them unobtrusive. The furniture should be made ​​of natural materials. Wood and metal are the preferred materials, ceramic pots create connection with the earth, while water in the room has a calming effect. Great idea for decoration is a crystal bowl with water and flowers. Feng Shui philosophy states that mirrors enlarge the space and are associated with success and power. A mirror above the fireplace is highly recommended as it will reflect the sunlight which comes through the windows. Feng Shui furniture design in the living room creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere to relax.

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