Floor heating systems – Pros and cons of radiant floor heating

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Floor heating systems have long been a preferred method of home heating – either as a primary source of heat in the home or as an additional, radiant floor heating has a number of advantages. Although it was considered an exclusive and luxurious alternative to the traditional heating systems, nowadays technology offers many opportunities for people who want to lay floor heating.

Radiant floor heating – types and cost

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Radiant floor heating is often preferred for the even and comfortable warmth that they emit. There are three main types – radiant air floors, electric and hot water (hydronic) radiant floors. Each one requires some preparation in advance so that you will get the best and enjoy a warm home for years to come. A good insulation of the room is one of the main factors required if you wanted to have a cost effective floor heating. The insulation includes not only the floor, but also the ceiling, the walls and the windows.

 Electric radiant floor heating

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Electric radiant floor heating consist of electric cables built into the floor. It is suitable both for new buildings, as well as old. People who want to renovate their home, should observe some basic rules when installing. First you have to make sure that the old flooring is removed completely. Then a suitable insulation layer is laid and after that electrically controlled mats are laid. The next step is crucial – the right choice of flooring plays an important role for the efficiency of the heating system. The high cost of electricity makes electric floor heating the least preferred choice.

 Air and hot water radiant floor heating

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This type of heating is considered as the least cost effective due to the fact that air cannot hold large amounts of heat. Hot water radiant floor heating system works like the electric floor heating. Heated water from a boiler is pumped to plastic or copper pipes laid in a pattern under the floor. The installation cost of hot water floor heating will vary and most often depends on the size of the home, the type of installation, etc, etc.

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 Radiant floor heating installation


Home renovation -DIY floor heating


Floor heating installation process






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