Cat friendly plants – how to keep your home pet safe?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

cat friendly plants tips ideas catnip

Sometimes pets are as curious as small children – they tend to taste everything including indoor plants. The problem is that there are species which can be dangerous for the health of your pet so when choosing a plant for your home garden you have to know what are the right ones. We will focus your attention to cat friendly plants as cats are a favorite home pet for many people. By nature cats are very curious and cats who spend their entire lives in urban apartment are no exception. You should not be surprised to find out that your favorite plant has the signs of chewing. Unless you want to have your cat poisoned, read on, to see what types of indoor plants are suitable and safe.

 How to choose indoor cat friendly plants?

Spider plant indoor plants safe for cats and pets

When choosing your indoor cat friendly plants you have to be fully aware that your home pet easily will access any plant. Cats are flexible and they can reach any height just by jumping from one piece of furniture to another. Of course, you would want an aesthetically pleasing indoor garden, so here are some suggestions for suitable plants: African violet, air plants, ferns, orchids, spider plant, various succulents, etc.


succulents home garden ideas pet safe plants ideas

Prayer plant

pet friendly potted plants prayer plant indoor plants ideas


pet friendly indoor plants ideas lemon button fern

Ponytail palm

 ponytail palm indoor garden plants pet friendly plants

Spider plant

indoor pet friendly plants spider plant home plants home garden ideas

Rubber plant

baby rubber plant cat friendly plants indoor plants ideas

Air plants

home garden pet friendly plants air plants home decor

Air plants are safe for cats

indoor cat friendly plants air plants

Cat friendly plants for an outdoor garden

garden plants pet friendly cat ideas catnip

Just like us, cats love to be outdoors and they will gladly explore your garden. There are many cat friendly plants which can be grown outdoors and you will not be worried for your pet’s safety. Geranium is one of them. Catnip, cat grass, runner beans are also safe for your cat. Jasmine will not harm your pet and will add a magnificent scent to your garden. In case you want to grow vegetables, it will be good to know that pumpkins and squash, sunflower, cucumbers are suitable.


pet friendly plants ideas Jasmine plant indoor outdoor plants


garden plants safe for cats scented leaves geranium


Garden flowers ideas pet friendly plants begonias

 Cosmos plant 

cosmos plant fun garden plants for cats


cat pet friendly plants outdoor garden ideas

Runner beans

cat friendly vegetable plants runner beans vegetable garden

   Cat grass

cat friendly plants pet safety cat grass indoor outdoor plants ideas

 African violet

cat friendly plants indoor garden ideas  violet


Caryopteris cat friendly plants outdoor garden plants ideas


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