DIY Floor refinishing – instructions how to refinish wood flooring

by Kremy

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Hardwood floors look absolutely beautiful and are an asset to any home. In order to maintain your flooring in a perfect condition, you need to take care of it as a worn wood flooring has a negative effect on the appearance of your home.

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Floor refinishing is a much cheaper and cost effective option than replacing the whole floor and restore the shine and the good look of your flooring.

DIY Floor refinishing – an affordable option for having a shiny floor

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When floors are old and worn, they’re more susceptible to damage. Replacing the flooring at home is a major expense and many people cannot afford that while floor refinishing is perfectly affordable.

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You could either hire a professional company or do it by yourself. Floor refinishing is a process which involves several steps but it is not as time and money consuming as replacing it.

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The time depends on the area that is going to be refinished but an average of three to five days will be the time you need. In addition, you can re-stain your floor and change the overall look of the room. It can increase the property’s value as much as adding brand new flooring.

 Floor refinishing – step by step

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The first thing you need to do in the process of floor refinishing is cleaning it. Remove as much furniture as possible. Vacuum clean the floor to collect all the dust and debris.

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Wash the floor with a damp cloth.Wring the cloth as much as possible and make smooth movements on it along the grain. Start with the inner corner and work towards the doorway, so as not to step on the wet floor. Make sure that you wipe the excess water remaining on it.

wood refinishing process step by step DIY refinish

Before polishing your deck, read the instructions carefully. Some materials need to be sanded again covered with wax, and then polished.

how to refinish wood flooring step by step instructions

Make a test on a section of the floor on a spot under heavy furniture. Wash it, grind it with a cloth and let dry completely.

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Spray polish on the floor or put it on a cloth according to the instructions on the package. Work from the inner corner, covering a meter of the area at a time. Before you bring the furniture back, let the polishing dry completely.

stain wood flooring DIY refisnish instructions

Hardwood refinishing restaining wood flooring

hardwood refinish instructions useful tips

Hardwood floor refinishing before after DIY instructions

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Floor refinishing bfore and after wood refinish tips

Floor refinishing bfore and after wood refinish

Floor refinishing bfore and after pictures

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