How to Choose Your Food Storage Containers: Kitchen Organization Ideas

by Kremy

A familiar accessory for many housewives, food storage containers are used for storing, freezing, heating or transporting food. Whether you need to organize your pantry or kitchen cabinets or simply store leftovers in the fridge, food containers will protect food from drying out, moisture and spread of odors.

Kitchen Organization Ideas How to Choose Your Food Storage Containers

Space optimization is a priority for every housewife and that is why you can never have too many storage containers. Different types of food should be kept in different containers – for example flour, cereals, pasta are best stored in a well ventilated place while containers that are placed in the refrigerator must be sealed so that odors do not mix and do not spoil the taste of food.

What are the Most Popular Types of Food Storage Containers?

Types of Food Storage Containers


Before you buy a food container, you need to understand the properties of the different materials. Nowadays the market offers numerous options and it is easy to get confused. Here are some important guidelines for you:

different containers for food storage

  • Glass containers are a versatile option that is suitable not only for storage, but also for cooking, freezing.
  • Ceramics – containers with such a coating are ideal for storing cereals, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Plastic is the most popular type. Plastic containers are versatile, durable, practical and affordable.
  • Enamel – in such dishes it is convenient to store food in the refrigerator, plastic lids prevent air from penetrating.
  • Stainless steel or galvanized steel – suitable for storage only, stainless steel utensils should not be placed in a freezer or microwave oven.

food storage ideas kitchen organization

Food containers come in various shapes – round, square, oval, rectangular, etc. and in many colors. Models differ in equipment. The standard set includes the vessel itself and the lid, which can be hinged or removable. Many food storage containers are combined into sets. You can purchase several vessels that differ in volumes, but have the same design. It is very convenient to order a set online as many sites offer great deals, for example you can take advantage of discount codes vidaxl.

How to Choose a Good Food Storage Container?

how to choose proper food containers


When buying a food storage container, you need to keep in mind consider a number of considerations:

Choose high quality containers. A high price does not always guarantee this. Try to choose products from well-known reputable brands.

Consider the material. It is important that the container is intended specifically for food products, is safe and environmentally friendly.

Check for chips, deep scratches or other damage.

food storage pantry organization ideas

The lid should close tightly. Some models have a silicone strip on the lid for perfect sealing.

The container should not have an unpleasant smell.

When buying a food storage container, remember the design style of the kitchen. For example glass canisters look beautiful in almost any decor style.

When buying a plastic model, look at the markings to determine the range of use of the products. As a rule, manufacturers place such data at the bottom of the container.

If you need to use every inch of free space in the kitchen cabinet or pantry, choose square and rectangular containers as they can be stacked.




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