Glass Canisters – Trendy Eco-Friendly Kitchen Storage Solutions

by Kremy

Are glass canisters a functional element in the kitchen or an element of decor? Well, the answer is that they are both – a super trendy kitchen storage solution which is also environmentally friendly.

Glass Canisters Trendy Eco Friendly and Plastic Free Kitchen Storage Options

A kitchen project is always developed in two directions – the first concerns design, the second – functionality and efficiency. This means that the room should be as beautiful and comfortable as possible, with rationally arranged shelves and drawers. Organizing the storage in the kitchen is a real art, especially in a small room.

With the growing popularity of the eco trend, many homeowners look for alternatives to the plastic containers for food storage and glass containers are the ideal solution.

What are the Advantages of Glass Canisters?

Advantages of Glass Canisters


When glass canisters first appeared on the market, they became an instant hit. One could only guess why no one had thought of such a simple thing. After all, the packages in which pasta, cereals, peas and the like are usually packed are quite inconvenient, they tear and cannot be sealed again. Let’s look at the advantages of this type of storage option!

Glass is non-permeable and the storage containers will not allow air, dust, dirt particles, insects, or water to seep through. This means that the food will not absorb extraneous odors and you can use the canisters for long-term storage of any bulk, including aromatic seasonings and spices.

modern glass canisters kitchen storage solutions

Glass canisters are good for the environment. Usually they are made from extremely resilient glass that is difficult to break or chip. Such containers can be reused without a noticeable reduction in quality and when the time comes to be replaced, glass is easily recycled.

Unlike plastic, glass will not harbor bacteria or leach toxins into the food product. Glass containers do not release chemicals into your food which makes them perfectly safe for your health.

These storage containers usually come with air-tight and water-tight lids that keep both air and moisture out of the container. The market offers different options to choose from – bamboo lids, metal or glass lids, etc.

Food Storage Containers Air Tight Glass Canisters With Bamboo Lids

The easy maintenance of glass canisters is another huge advantage. They are easy to clean outside and inside without using professional products.

Glass canisters are transparent and do not require special stickers or labels to determine what lies inside.

These containers come in a variety of sizes and have a decorative appearance. They can be kept in plain sight as a part of the kitchen décor.

What are the Disadvantages of Storing Food in Glass Canisters?

Disadvantages of Storing Food in Glass Canisters


As you see, glass canisters offer impressive advantages but they have some disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. On the first place glass is fragile and breaks easily. Another serious drawback is that glass does not protect food from light. Light is an enemy to food storage which means that you need to keep the canisters in a place with limited light.

Glass Canisters Can Be a Decorative Element in Your Kitchen

Glass Canisters as Decorative Element in Your Kitchen

Decorative glassware looks attractive and can serve as an excellent decoration element for almost any kitchen. As we mentioned, glass canisters come in various shapes and sizes, but their main advantage is that they display their contents. Whether they are arranged on an open shelf or on the counter, they can be something pretty to look at. Glass canisters are a decorative way to make your kitchen look pretty neat, orderly, and uncluttered.

They can fit into any decor and even if you change your style, you will be able to use them. For those who prefer to use only natural and sustainable materials in their kitchens, glass canisters with wooden lids are very suitable. Metal lids can look very stylish and modern and add a contemporary feel to the interior.

What Can You Store In Glass Canisters?

What Products Can You Store In Glass Canisters

When you choose your glass canisters, it is best if you pay attention to their volume. Of course, it depends on what you plan to keep inside. Glass canisters are suitable for storing:

Bulk products that are an integral part of any kitchen – salt, sugar, flour, rice, spices, seeds, milk powder, cereals, dried fruits, dry beans, vegetables, and herbs, rolled oats, sweets, nuts, coffee, pasta and in general everything that is not afraid of sunlight.

Bathroom Storage Glass Canisters

You can also use them as bathroom storage for cotton balls, cotton buds, soap bars, etc.




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