Most Easy & Fun Games to Play for New Years Eve 2024!

by Kristiyana

What to do for New Year’s 2024? What fun games can you play with your family or friends during the big celebration? 

Are you ready for the biggest party of the year?! Just a few more days and we all will be dressing up in our festive outfits, us girls will be putting up our sparkly makeup, and doing our hair, and some of us will be welcoming guests into our fabulously decorated homes! You’ve already stocked up on savory and sweet treats, and bought alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but have you planned any activities for you and your guests? If not, this article is just what you need to plan last-minute fun games to play on New Year’s Eve 2024!

Most Easy & Fun Games to Play for New Years Eve 2024

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No party is complete without a little bit of friendly fun in the form of simple and interesting games! And in my friend group, I am known as the person who always comes up with new and different games to play during our get-togethers. A unique game has the ability of bringing people closer together and making them loosen up. And you know, maybe getting them a little bit drunk or maybe even a lot… I am the party games master, so today I have prepared for you some of the best and most easy games you can play during your New Year’s Eve party to get everyone in that festive and fun holiday mood!

A Game of “Who am I” to Be Played Both with Family & Friends

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The first game that I am suggesting for you to play during your New Year’s Eve party can be played both with your friends and family. I myself refer to this game as “Who am I”. How do you play it? You take a few post-it notes, and everyone has to write down an animal, a celebrity or even a person you know on one note. And this is where the fun begins! You stick the note to the forehead of the person standing next to you, and they are supposed to ask questions that will help them find out what is written on the note. If the person asks, let’s say, “Am I human” and the note says “Britney Spears”, they get to ask another question. If the answer is no, their turn is up, and so on until the first person learns what’s written on their forehead, and they win the game.

Fun Games to Play for New Years Eve 2024: Kings

new year party games for adults

Now, this is my all-time favorite party game! I would advise for this game to be played only by adults because there’s a lot of drinking involved. It’s called “Kings”. How do you play it? You need a deck of cards, and for everyone to have their glasses full of alcohol and sit by the table. Each turn one person takes a card from the deck, and depending on the card there are different activities involved. For starters, let’s say that you draw an Ace – this will mean that every single one of you will have to take a sip from their drink. Whereas if let’s say you draw an Eight, this will mean that you have to connect one person to the other for the rest of the game and when that person drinks the other one will have to drink as well. Let me just say that this game is not for lightweight drinkers, hence if you don’t know your booze, better not play this game otherwise I cannot predict the outcomes that it can have for you and your friend group! Here are the rest of the card meanings:

  1. Ace: Everyone drinks.
  2. Two: The drawer picks someone to drink.
  3. Three: Whoever drew the card drinks.
  4. Four: Everyone has to touch the flour, last person to do so drinks.
  5. Five: All guys drink.
  6. Six: All girls drink.
  7. Seven: The drawer starts to count from one, and the person next to them continues the counting and so on, and at each number that ends in 7 or is divided by it, you have to say “click”. If you miss it, you drink.
  8. Eight: Link a person to another, and whenever that person drinks, the linkee also drinks, but not vice versa.
  9. Nine: The drawer says a word and another one that rhymes with it. Everyone has to say a rhyme, otherwise they drink.
  10. Ten: Think of a category. Let’s say cars. The drawer picks “Mercedes”. Every person has to say a name within that category, otherwise they drink.
  11. Jack: The drawer thinks of a rule. Whoever doesn’t follow the rule drinks. The rule is valid until the next drawn Jack.
  12. Queen: The drawer becomes the “Question Master”, and every time someone answers any type of question they ask, the person drinks. The Question Master changes when a new Queen is drawn.
  13. King: With every King that is drawn, you fill a glass with the beverage you have in your hand. Whoever draws the last King drinks the entire contents of the glass.

A classic game of charades is suitable both for family and friends

games to play on new years eve

Beer Pong is a party-favorite that you can’t go without on New Year’s Eve 2024! 

fun games to play for new years eve 2024

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