New Years party games for family and adults: Let’s have fun on the last day of 2022!

by Gabby

Today is the day! 2023 is only a few hours away, and I honestly can’t wait to see what it brings us. Let’s start with the fundamental question, where will you celebrate the last day of 2022? If you’re celebrating at home with friends or family, you’ll certainly need a little help keeping the mood up until the clock strikes 12. What are your favorite party games? I definitely have a few ones to share with you. Most of them you probably already know, or you have played them before. But what are the best New Years party games? Let’s check them out today, so you are prepared for tonight!

New Years party game: How to keep up the good mood?

new years party games ideas how to keep up the good mood everybody should play them funny

Let the party start now! I’m as excited as I probably am every year. Today we’ll celebrate at home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a glamorous outfit to put on. Sequins, cocktails and delicious food, I have it all prepared for my faves. But today, while I’m worried that I’ll be the host, I’ve been thinking about exactly how to make sure everyone has a great time. Just then the thought hit me that I should prepare New Year’s Eve party games. As I mentioned, I have my favorites, but let’s see which ones are suitable not only for adults but for the whole family. I am going to give you some ideas to choose from!

New Years party games for family: Charades

charades how to play it with your family games for new years eve easy suitable for kids


Charades will always be my favorite game, not only at parties but also when I invite my friends over for dinner on Fridays. It’s symbolic and there are so many ways you can play it.

Instructions 1 (teams):

  • If you are planning to play in teams, you will need to separate everyone into 2 teams.
  • Play rock, paper, scissors to know who will start first.
  • Team number one should think of a movie, book or a character that will be really hard for the other team to guess. When you choose one, call someone from team number 2 and whisper the movie, character or a book that you want.
  • The person from team number 2 starts explaining to his/her team without using any words. You will only have to imitate or play a scene from the movie, or explain the word using only imitation.
  • Another way of explaining is if you have big pieces of paper, you can use them to draw something. There are many variations of the game as I said.
  • Another thing is that you should time the imitation, meaning you can put 1 or 2 minutes on the clock. If the team does not manage to guess it, the point goes to the other team.

Instructions 2 (single player):

  • If you don’t want to play in teams, then you can adapt this game in single player mode. Everybody should play for themselves. Think of a movie, character, book or a TV show and try explaining it to your family only using imitation. No words and no sounds are allowed. You can use a piece of paper to draw, if you prefer.
  • The person that guesses the word first, gets the point and becomes the next one that should imitate.

15 ideas for party games that are suitable for kids and adults



If you want fun ideas for you and the whole family, check out this video of 15 game ideas that will be exciting for everyone. The video shows short snippets of all the games and shows you clearly what the rules are and how to play. Of course, you can adapt them for your circumstances, family and what materials you have. These 15 games will keep you entertained throughout and there won’t be a minute left in which you’re bored. Let the fun begin!

New Years party game for adults: Who am I?

who am i party game for adults fun ideas for new years eve what to play

The game “Who am I?” is very popular. All you need are sticky notes and a good mood. How to play? Write a famous person or character from a movie and stick it on the forehead of the person next to you. He has to do the same with the person next to him and so on. All players should have sticky notes on their foreheads. You have to ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no. If the answer is yes, your turn continues until you get a “no” answer. The first person to guess what his slip says wins.

Bear pong: Adult drinking games

bear pong new years eve party games for adults drinking funny have fun

Bear pong is another classic without which a good party does not pass. Of course, when it comes to adult games there is almost always delicious alcohol to get us in the party mood. If you’re not a fan of beer, you can choose a New Year’s Eve cocktail to fill the glasses with. It’ll be a little fancier that way, too.

Battleship game but with shots

battle ship shot game for adults new years eve fun ideas for your friends home party

Another classic game takes another turn, and you can play it with your friends. Drinking games are a must when it comes to having a great party. Make your favorite shots and turn them into your battleships. If the other team manages to sink your ship, you have to drink the shots.

Other ideas for adult New Years party games

Need some more inspiration for your party tonight? Let’s celebrate the last day of 2022 with these fun ideas for games that will keep up the good mood of your guests! They are simple, and you can make them happen with some stuff you have at home already. Let’s have fun one last time in 2022!

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