Gabion baskets – creative ideas for the garden landscape design

Written by Kremena Ruseva

gabion basket garden decorating ideas

Gabion baskets can be used in many different designs. Of course, they are the construction units of any gabion wall but we shall offer you a new look and perspective on this type of garden decoration. Gabion baskets fit well in almost any design, do not require large financial investments, ground preparation works, hard labor or innovative technology. To use gabions in the garden requires imagination and creativity and if you feel that you haven’t got enough of those, you’ll definitely find some inspiring and easy landscaping and decoration ideas in the gallery below.

How to use gabion baskets in the garden?

gabion baskets fillers landscaping ideas garden decor

The use of gabions dates back to antiquity and has been perfected for hundreds of years. In general gabion baskets are a container made of wire, usually stainless steel, and filled with different fillers. The typical fillers are stones, but you could use anything – from wood logs to soil and straw. Colored stones, pebbles, glass, mulch, or anything which complements the garden style – there is no limit for the type of gabion fillers.

gabion fillers garden landscape ideas garden decor

The possibilities are endless, everyone can create their own gabion construction according to your own imagination. The baskets are attached together to form different shapes and have a variety of uses – gabion fences, retaining walls, flower bed edging, benches, tables and other outdoor furniture construction, fire pit or fireplace surround or simply a decorative accent incorporated into a wall or another landscape element. You can create a rustic décor, you can easily use gabions in Industrial landscape and with the same ease you can create a sleek and contemporary garden decoration with a minimalist look. The construction is pretty simple and provides an opportunity for every DIY project fan to use gabion baskets as outdoor furniture base or in any other creative and spectacular way.

How to use gabion baskets as plant containers?

 gabion planter boxes garden decor

Using gabion baskets as a garden decoration is a simple and cost effective idea which offers many advantages. You can fill a gabion basket with soil and plant flowers, decorative grasses and you will know that the design is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The roots of the plants will keep the soil from being washed away, and the planters will fit harmoniously into the overall design. You can use gabions to make raised garden beds or use them for vertical garden designs. When you want to have a space divider, gabion planters are an excellent idea.

Why choose gabion baskets for the garden landscaping?

contemporary landscape ideas patio design gabion fillers ideas

Gabions are a great hedge and, in addition, you can use the baskets to add color and texture to your garden design by using different colors and filler materials. Gabions are extremely durable, weather-resistant, perfect for retaining walls, natural and eco-friendly and easily customizable to suit your individual needs. Further to the advantages of gabion baskets one can point out that they do not require any special foundation, they have excellent weather resistant properties. Gabions are built quickly and easily and do not require the use of specific technologies or specific construction skills. Finally they are cost effective and almost maintenance-free providing a great method to recycle waste materials.

landscape ideas gabion fence garden wall ideas space divider

garden landscaping gabion wall pergola outdoor lighting

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gabion wall garden fence garden water feature

gabion table DIY garden table benches

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gabion planters porch decorating ideas

Gabion design fillers garden design

 ideas garden furniture gabion table

  gabion wall garden water features waterfall

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