Composite doors – designs, materials, advantages and benefits

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Composite doors appeared on the market some time ago and quickly took a leading position in the field of front doors. We shall see what are the pros and cons of composite doors, what they are made of, why a composite door is a better option compared to singular material. Of course, the first question that needs to be answered is – What is a composite door?

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Composite doors, as the name suggests, are manufactured from a combination of materials. They are designed to resemble wooden doors, with a wood finish and offer a great visual appeal. A composite door will retain its color and does not require any maintenance. Choosing a composite front door is a good option for everyone who wants a modern door which meets the highest of standards.

What are composite doors made of?

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Composite doors are manufactured from a mixture of many different high quality materials. The various manufacturers can use different materials but in general, a composite door are made of a combination of PVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic. As experts say –  front doors combine the best properties of the different materials and the goal is to maximize the structural and aesthetic qualities of the product.

What are the advantages of composite doors?

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When choosing a front door for your home, whether an apartment or a family house, it has to be durable, reliable, secure, resistant to various weather conditions, stylish and with good insulating properties. Modern composite front doors offer all that. The high demand for composite doors is due to the fact that customers are looking for high quality and benefit from the latest technology achievements.

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Let’s see why a composite front door is better than a standard wood or uPVC door. On the first place composite front doors are stronger and sturdier with a solid door leaf. In addition, they are thicker which automatically means that they have better energy efficiency and insulation properties. Of course, a thicker door means a better soundproofing which is quite important for homeowners.

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A major benefit for the customers of composite front doors is the fact that they are practically maintenance free. They do not require painting and have a lifespan which is twice as long as the one of uPVC doors. A composite front door will not lose its color and will retain its good look for many years. It will not warp, twist, crack or bow.

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When you want a weather resistant door, choosing a composite front door will give you a guarantee that your house door is resistant to wind, rain and temperature changes.

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The variety of styles offers models which are suitable for traditional or modern exteriors. In terms of appearance composite front doors provide a realistic wood grain appearance and customers can choose from a variety of colors so that the door fits to the exterior design and complements the style of their home.

What is important to know about composite doors?

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Although we pointed out the major advantages of composite doors, there are a few more things that you should know as they are of importance when you want the best front door for your home. Most customers want to know how long a it will last. Usually manufacturers give a guarantee, sometimes up to 10 years, but composite doors are designed to last for a period of 35 years and the only requirement is to oil the moving parts, including hinges and handles, once a year to avoid creaking and ensure best performance of your door.

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Customers should realize that composite doors come in with a different quality and it will depend on the manufacturer and the materials used for the door. It is advisable to shop from a reputable manufacturer as sometimes spray-painted imitations appear on the market. A composite door is resistant to scratches while an imitation will reveal the base color when scratched.

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Almost every manufacturer offers the opportunity to customize your composite front door. On the first place, composite doors are made to the measures of each customer so that they fit perfectly. On their web sites you would find a door measuring guide and instructions for correct measurements. When you need side panels or fanlights, you need to ask the manufacturer if he offers such side panels for the model that you like best.

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Perhaps you have heard of composite fire doors and you wonder how they are different? These are designed with special features for fire safety and security and tested to comply with security requirements and regulations. Composite fire doors can be used in many locations and their main goal is to prevent spreading of fire and protect your property.

Composite door security and locking systems

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The market offers a wide variety of door security and locking systems suitable for composite doors. Multi-point lock systems are a popular customers’ choice as they have been developed to provide the highest levels of performance. They are a combination of hooks and bolts for greater security and are designed to withstand attempts to saw, wrench or burn them. Cylinder free locks are another high security option which makes it impossible for a burglar to open the door. Of course, there are many other options and you can choose your door security and locking system so that you have a peaceful time in and out of your home.

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